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Poppys Picnic Ambassador Programme

Free wholesome dog food. Forever.

We are passionate about dog health and really love it when customers tell friends and fellow dog lovers about our wholesome raw food and its benefits. And we think this kind of enthusiasm should be rewarded.

So we’ve created the Poppy’s Picnic Ambassador Programme and how it works is really very simple:

STEP 1:Share a unique link with friends and family, adding your own note if you want to tell them about your experiences with raw and the benefits of switching – and we will give them a 10% introductory discount on their first order over £25!

STEP 2:For every new customer who buys via this link, you will automatically receive a shop credit worth 2% of their order (excluding postage and packing). This credit continues for every order they place, forever and ever.

STEP 3: The more people you tell, and the more food they order, the more money will build up in your account. This can be credited to your next order and could ultimately mean free raw food for your dog every month!