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Poppy’s Picnic Enhanced Range

Ooooh, how exciting, looky here… our all-new Poppy’s Picnic ENHANCED mince has arrived! 🎉🎉

Handmade with wholesome natural ingredients – fresh meat, ground bone, kidney, liver and vegetables – this complete nutrition is then super-boosted with SUPERFOODS! We’ve added berries, seeds and botanicals offering extra support for your best friend’s health and wellbeing. This truly is food with extra OOMPH!

Created by a team of experts and a holistic vet, our unique recipe is suitable for dogs of all ages.

Check out the full list of ingredients below.

ENHANCED mince is available in three varieties:

Chicken & Bone

Beef & Bone

Lamb & Bone

Just defrost and viola, it’s ready to serve 😊


70% British Chicken, Beef or Lamb

10% Seasonal Vegetable mix (curly kale, swede, green cabbage, cauliflower, parsley), herbs (milk thistle, dandelion, chamomile, echinacea, nettles), berries (elderberry, hawthorn, rosehip), seeds (celery, fennel, hemp), oils (sesame, coconut, flaxseed), sea kelp, wheatgrass, spirulina and turmeric

10% British Ground Chicken, Beef or Lamb bone

5% British Ox liver

5% British Ox kidney

** Why have we created an ENHANCED range? **


At Poppy’s Picnic HQ we go out of our way to offer your dog proper nutrition with the best raw food nature can provide. Our new range includes some of the most powerful natural superfoods… there’s no need to add botanical supplements to your dog’s food – with ENHANCED it’s been done for you.

Four main benefits we focused on when coming up with the ENHANCED range include:


Hemp seeds help maintain better joint health as they reduce inflammation and improve circulation. It’ll help raise their energy levels too! Turmeric – amazing for its powerful anti-inflammatory powers as it can alleviate joint pain. It also acts as a general circulation stimulant as well for your pet so it’s a triple win! Celery seeds are wonderful in promoting good joint health for your pooch. They are rich in potassium which has a calming effects on the digestive system and supports the overall renal health. The star of the show is rosehip – it’s rich in vitamin C which can naturally support your pet’s immune system and reduce pain/tissue damage within their joints. Sesame oil is an all natural antibacterial and has healing powers to alleviate dry skin ailments, promote healing of cuts and help your dog’s joints retain flexibility!


Echinacea works wonders for our furry friends in tackling problems with the immune balance and can reduce many symptoms of bacterial infections. Rich in omega-3, flaxseed oil is amazing in promoting healthier heart function and calmer moods. It helps condition your pet’s skin and fur to make sure they always look and feel rejuvenated. Turmeric is also useful in aiding digestion and also protects your dog’s liver function. Packed with nutrients, vitamins and essential amino acids, spirulina is excellent in protecting the immune system and in warding off inflammations in your dog’s body. Coconut oil contains a lot of antioxidants which help fight all those nasty viruses away from your pets.


Fennel seeds are important in maintaining good bone structure AND improving your dog’s strength. It’s great for helping the metabolism and promoting a healthy, regular digestive tract. Elderberry is excellent for its antioxidant activity and can help to lower cholesterol and alleviate viral or bacterial infections in your pet. And they taste yummy! Besides maintaining good coat and skin, hemp seeds are super nutritious as they improve and sustain your best friend’s strength and stamina all at the same time!


Known as the ‘mother of gut’, chamomile is a SUPER herb that can relieve anxiety and promote settling at night. Milk thistle -promotes bile creation in support of digestion. They contain powerful antioxidants which can offer protection to both liver and kidney functions of your dog. Containing vitamins A, C and E, iron and magnesium, wheatgrass is an excellent immunity booster and having enough of it will help stimulate your dog’s metabolism rate and thyroid function. Dandelion is a great support to liver, pancreas and gallbladder so overall, it has many additional benefits in promoting the good bugs in your pet’s digestive system. Hawthorn berries alleviate symptoms associated with heart problems and aid poor digestion too! This will keep your pooch running and playing happily all day long.

Enhanced ingredients mean enhanced benefits. It’s why we call it ENHANCED.

Click this link to shop our new enhanced range on our website. 😊

For more information, please download our free copy of ‘Rawplicity: The Complete Guide to Feeding Raw’.

Remember, we are at the end of a telephone or email if you have any question, just email or call 01380 716 599.


Love and woof,

Dylan and Poppy x










Join Us At Discovery Dogs


We’re woof woof woofing with excitement to announce that Poppy’s Picnic handmade raw dog food will be taking part in London’s biggest dog show, Discover Dogs!

It’s one of Poppy’s favourite social events with lots of things to see and buy. So come and visit us on stand T203 – the pawfect opportunity for us to meet you, our lovely customers.  Poppy will be visiting the stand for autopaws throughout the day!

  • Date: Saturday 21 and Sunday 22 October 2017
  • Hours: 10am to 5pm
  • Location: ExCel London
  • Address: Royal Victoria Dock, 1 Western Gateway, London E16 1XL

With exclusive show discounts and our Poppy’s Picnic Tombola, EVERYONE’S A WINNER!  Prizes include Poppy’s Picnic Hampers, discounts (to use on our website, treats and for our two legged friends, a case of champagne!

Visit the official Discover Dogs website for all the details.

And if you have any questions please email or call 01380 716 599.

Love and WOOF

Dylan and Poppy x

Poppy's Picnic Raw Dog Food

Welcome to Poppy’s Picnic

I started Poppy’s Picnic to share the advantages of feeding a nutritionally balanced raw diet with other dog carers, having seen great improvements in my own dogs Poppy and her daughter Slipper.

Knowing processed foods are bad for humans, it wasn’t a massive step to realising they were bad for dogs too, so I decided to feed them healthy meals made from wholesome ingredients (stuff you and I eat) to provide the goodness they deserve. Poppy and Slipper love it and I’m sure your’s will too .

Enjoy your dog enjoying our food 😊

Dylan and Poppy