As you probably know by now (we may have mentioned it) we are now officially As Seen On TV, all thanks to our appearance on BBC2 Dragons’ Den.

We came, we saw, we flirted with Peter Jones, and we left victorious. Hurrah!  Crazy to think it was filmed over eight months ago, in May 2017 and we have come a VERY long way since then 🙂

It was a thrilling, exhausting, sometimes gruelling ride, but Poppy made it through the experience and out the other side. Watch Poppy take her stand against the fearsome Dragons. Oh, and Dylan and Lou were there too 🙂

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So what actually happened to us in the den?


Well, it was quite an experience!

We walked out of the lift, with bated breath, and into room towards our bold statement set (fake grass, picnic baskets, toy dogs, blankets, bowls and of course, our raw dog food). Poppy lead the way and you could see immediately that taking a dog to meet the Dragon’s was a very good idea. They were smitten! Poppy even got to sit on a Dragon’s lap (and not many can say that).

We launched into our three minute pitch (only fluffing it a bit) and then took a breath – now came the hard bit. Question after question after question. Having to think on our feet, respond quickly and confidently, know our stuff, keep the energy. And that went on for nearly TWO HOURS. Yep, two hours. It was utterly exhausting. How they edit that down to a few minutes for the TV show is amazing.

We generally fared pretty well. They were, in the most part, very complimentary and there was only one sticky part where Peter Jones needled Dylan on some numbers (no surprise there). But what you didn’t see on TV was that Peter also managed to call Lou ‘Poppy’ at least twice, “it’s ok Peter, you can call me whatever you like, in fact, call him Poppy too” 🙂

Suddenly, with really no warning, Tej Lalvani stopped the conversation to make us an offer.  Wow. What a moment! It really stopped us in our tracks. And what a relief. An offer was on the table. The pressure was off – to some degree – and the game was on.

Accepting Deborah Meaden’s offer on the day was thrilling and scary all at once.

Deborah pretty much had us at hello. Her enthusiasm for raw feeding and confidence in the growth of this sector was obvious from the start – and she was clearly a huge advocate for raw cat food (which made Louise very happy – being the resident Mad Cat Lady).

We loved our experience in The Den.  In many ways it’s contributed to the success we have today. Since appearing on the show last night it seems we have made quite a splash – so many new customers coming to switch their dogs to a raw diet. That’s the best result we could ever have asked for.


Why the Dragons love us…

Why Raw? For better canine health

Poppy’s Picnic is a Biologically Appropriate Raw Food (BARF) diet providing your dog with all the healthy vitamins, minerals and natural oils they need

Our ingredients and how we make your dog’s food

We use simple, fresh, normal ingredients – nothing weird or unrecognisable. If it’s good enough for humans then it’s good enough for dogs

Fast and Fresh – we deliver straight to your door

All packages go out in specially designed insulated boxes to insure that your food arrives in it’s optimum condition. Did i mention that we also deliver next day as standard?

Make the switch and feed RAW

My First Hamper

If you’re new to raw,  your first hamper of our COMPLETE mince also includes a free bow tie, downloadable copy of our raw feeding guide – RAWPLICITY, and 1-2-1 support. We’ll help you every step of the way!

100% natural liver bites

Our BITES are chewy, tasty little morsels of 100% natural dried British beef liver, perfect for  treating while you are out and about. If you are training a dog, our BITES can be used to motivate and reward good behaviour.

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Our subscription service allows you to get your choice of hamper delivered at a frequency which suits you and your storage at home. Be in control of your dogs health and never have an empty bowl or a sad dog!