Poppy’s Picnic Beef, Tripe And Bone Raw Dog Food

Beef, Tripe and Bone Complete Raw Dog Food

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Beef and Tripe COMPLETE Raw Food for Active Dogs


The COMPLETE range has been specially formulated to improve a dog’s health, optimising their condition for an active life.

Our biologically appropriate and nutritious COMPLETE range, made with fresh British sourced ingredients, including fresh meat, kidney and liver, is suitable for dogs of all ages. Simply order, defrost and serve.

Read more about our wholesome ingredients and ethics by clicking the tabs.

Suitable for working dogs.

We use simple, fresh, normal ingredients – nothing weird or unrecognisable. If it’s good enough for humans then it’s good enough for dogs (though we would not recommend you eat it, unless you’re partial to a bit of ground up bone!)

Our working dog food has been developed using lean minced meat (good enough for you and me to eat) with offal, ground bone and 10% seasonal vegetables (including carrots, parsnips, swede, butternut squash and cabbage).  This recipe follows a strict BARF (Biologically Appropriate Raw Feeding) model and is perfect for them to thrive. What’s more our raw food digests and absorbs into the body much quicker allowing them to work longer and harder. When working you may need to increase the daily amount to 4-6% depending on activity levels.

60% British Beef and Ox heart
10% British Ground Beef Bone
10% Green lamb tripe
10% Vegetables
5% British Ox liver
5% British Ox kidney
Parsley (for fresh breath)
Wheatgrass, spirulina and sea kelp powders
Coconut oil
Flaxseed oil

We use seasonal vegetables which include carrots, parsnips, swede, butternut squash and cabbage.

Analysis percentage per 100g
61.2% Moisture
17.6% Protein
14.0% Total Fat
5.4% Ash (we don’t add ash! This is the residue left after burning the sample to make the analysis)
1.3% Crude Fibre

Our ethics are pretty simple – we don’t want to make a mess of the world with our business and we want to make a positive impact where we can.

Each of our packs carries the Poppy Paw of Approval – Tasted, Tested and APPROVED – and each handmade batch is personally tested by Poppy herself.

Finally we love to work with charities. We do this because we want our efforts to help support the efforts of other people who love our four legged friends as much as we do.

Customer Reviews


5 out of 5

Although the bowls are always licked clean this appears to be the favourite.


    Very pleased Paddy and Max like it.


5 out of 5

We ordered a starter hamper. Sam loves all the flavours so only fair we give 5 stars. Lovely service and loved our letter from poppy. Have recommended to my friend too.


5 out of 5

My vet recomended I try my dog on raw food but said to find a brand that contained green tripe and “the good brands would have this”. Much of the raw food I looked at did not contain tripe even though they were being marketed as high quality. My dog’s first meal from Poppy’s Picnic was this one (beef, bone and trip) and he wolfed it down and licked the bowl clean. Prior to being given it he whinned and whimpered for about 2 hours waiting for it to defrost. I should add that my dog is a very fussy Coton De Tulear cross Shihtzu who has NEVER begged for dog food before. In fact getting him to eat dog food has been a nightmare. Even sirloin steak would sometimes be ignored. Thus I am overjoyed to have found Poppy’s Picnic which is good for my dog, not too expensive and he LOVES it. Highly Recomend. Sandra and Spikey, Edinburgh


    SPIKEY! SANDRA! Sorry for the delay in responding….so happy for you both that it’s working so well. Much love to both of you x

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