Hampers of our ENHANCED Raw Dog Food

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Hampers of our ENHANCED Fresh Raw Dog Food

We have two courier boxes: small (which holds up to 18 packs of mince or 16 packs of meatballs) and large (up to 36 packs of mince or 32 meatballs).

  1. Choose from our award winning mince or meatballs
  2. Select the number of packs you want. If you see a ‘+’  in the drop down you have space to add treats or bones from the shop. Bonus!
  3. Your frozen hamper will be delivered in tip-top condition, ready to store in your freezer and defrost as required

By maximising use of the space in your delivery box, you’d not only be achieving better value for money on the delivery charge, but also help reduce environmental impact.

Read more about our wholesome ingredients and ethics by clicking the tabs. Our biologically appropriate raw food (BARF)  is suitable for puppies and adults –  it’s the amount you feed them that differs.

*Delivery charges may be higher Highlands & Islands, Northern Ireland and the Isle of Man. Call 01380 716599 or woof@poppyspicnic.co.uk

By reading this you are already amazing. You are wanting to change your dog’s life and health for the better. Out with highly processed canned or brown pellets of ‘food’ and in with food that is biologically appropriate,  mirroring closely to what they would enjoy in the wild. Our raw food is handmade with British human-grade ingredients – simple, fresh, normal ingredients: nothing weird or unrecognisable. If it’s good enough for humans then it’s good enough for dogs (though we would not recommend you eat it, unless you’re partial to a bit of ground up bone!). 

ENHANCED: never before have ingredients such as these been used in creating dog food. This is truly is pet food with oomph! Fresh raw meat with ground bone, kidney and liver, which is super-boosted with berries, seeds and botanicals to provide valuable additional support for your dog’s health. With ingredients such as camomile & milk thistle for digestion, celery & hemp seeds for joint care and echinacea & turmeric for protection

Our ethics are pretty simple – we don’t want to make a mess of the world with our business and we want to make a positive impact where we can.

Each of our packs carries the Poppy Paw of Approval – Tasted, Tested and APPROVED – and each handmade batch is personally tested by Poppy herself.

Finally we love to work with charities. We do this because we want our efforts to help support the efforts of other people who love our four legged friends as much as we do.

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