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Pigs Ears 100% Natural

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100% British Pig Ears For Dogs and Puppies

Sold in pairs – well, it would be shame not to!

By popular demand we have two frozen 100% free range British pigs ears, weighing in at 200-400g each. Not only will they keep your dog entertained but also the high proportion of cartilage will strengthen their chewing muscles and help clean teeth. They are also a fantastic source of glucosamine and chondroitin which help joints and connective tissue.

Finally our ears are completely natural and raw. They are NOT air dried!

We use simple, fresh, normal ingredients – nothing weird or unrecognisable. Made with 100% Pigs ears and nothing else.

Our ethics are pretty simple – we don’t want to make a mess of the world with our business and we want to make a positive impact where we can.

Each of our packs carries the Poppy Paw of Approval – Tasted, Tested and APPROVED – and each handmade batch is personally tested by Poppy herself.

Finally we love to work with charities. We do this because we want our efforts to help support the efforts of other people who love our four legged friends as much as we do.

Customer Reviews


5 out of 5

I didn’t think Lolly would like ears but I was told they were a great treat by Dylan. She certainly liked the crunch and played with her ear all afternoon. Will order more though I’d like to get some bones if you do them?


    So pleased she liked them. You are very welcome Susan. Look forward to helping you in the future 🙂

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