Why Raw Dog Food?

For better

canine health!

Commercial, highly processed dog food has only been with us since the 1950’s, and there has been an explosion in the number of illnesses affecting dogs. Most alarmingly obesity and diabetes, which are directly linked to high-carb, low-animal protein products. These feeds are packed with fillers, sugars, ‘meat derivatives’ (a generic name for animal proteins which avoids having to specify where the meat comes from!) and preservatives. 

Mass produced dog foods may seem quick and convenient, but they come nowhere near to providing the nutritional content of a dog’s natural diet – high processed dry and canned foods can be over 75% filler and just 4% protein. Go and read some labels and be shocked!

Free from artificial colours, preservatives and flavourings, Poppy’s Picnic does not contain cereals, grains or fillers ‐ major causes of allergies.


Feeding Poppy’s Picnic – a Biologically Appropriate Raw Food (BARF) diet – provides your dog with the essential vitamins, minerals and natural oils they need for optimum health.

Active working dogs need proper meat protein for energy and strength. Fillers and grains can make a dog sluggish, sleepy and slow – simply by removing these from their diet and providing fresh raw meat will have a drastic effect on their condition, remove excess body fat and improve muscle tone.

Pet dogs at home need a balanced diet to maintain their health. Just as our own lifestyles have changed, our pet’s lifestyles have changed too, with a complex range of factors now contributing to their wellbeing. Pet owners are finding themselves making regular trips to their vets – skin or coat, digestive or behavioural issues – that can usually be linked back to the dog’s diet.



Proper Nutrition, the way nature intended, means healthier dogs.

It’s Simple, and obvious when you think about it

Why Raw Natural Dog Food

How to Feed Raw

We all want our dogs to live a long, healthy and happy life.  By providing them with the best natural food nature can provide, you will be doing the best to ensure this.

Changing your dog’s diet to raw is easy and just takes a couple of tweaks to your daily schedule. Download our free guide RAWPLICITY: The complete Guide to Feeding Raw for guidance and advice on how to make the switch.

The amount to feed depends on several factors including weight, breed, age and activity levels. Use the ‘Meal Calculator’ on our homepage as a basic guide. We recommend you feed this over two meals, morning and evening.

Adult pet dogs, those at home living an easy life, eat 2-3% of their body weight per day (and this might seem low, especially if you are used to feeding them processed commercial foods). Working dogs, when active, need more food as their high energy lives burn more calories – support this with a larger daily intake of food, increasing to 3-5%.  As a responsible owner you are already watching your dog’s weight and understand that their food intake may need to be adjusted if they are looking a little heavy or a too lean.

Switching is also easy. Yesterday processed, today healthy – it really is that simple! If your dog does have some digestive issues you can instigate a gradual change by mixing in Poppy’s Picnic with their old food, increasing the proportion over 3 days.