About Us

Poppy’s Picnic is proudly based in the heart of beautiful Wiltshire. We make raw food for cats and dogs from ingredients that closely match what they would chose to eat in the wild. We do this with love and enthusiasm. In our office there are both passionate dog people and crazy cat people. And we are 100% focused on making a difference to their lives by feeding real food, one bowl at a time.

About Poppy’s Picnic

Our aim at Poppy’s Picnic is simple: to transform mealtimes for our four-legged friends and promote healthier, happier lives.  Our aim is simple – we just want to make feeding raw easier for more people.

Feed Poppy’s Picnic and join us on the Raw Revolution!

About the food

Poppy’s Picnic is a Biologically Appropriate Raw Food (BARF) diet providing your dogs and cats with all the healthy vitamins, minerals and natural oils they need.

Our food is free from from artificial additives, fillers and preservatives – it’s as close as what they would eat in the wild. Our meals are handmade by 4th generation butchers, using the finest locally sourced produce that you and I would eat.


Benefits of Raw Food


Better Weight

Healthier Skin
and Coat


Better Teeth
and Gums

Firmer, Smaller