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Our Wholesome and Raw Food

Why is ENHANCED more expensive than COMPLETE?

Can I build my own hamper?

Did you change your product range names?

Do you use grains or fillers in your raw dog food?

Do you use green or white tripe in your raw food?

Do you use halal meat in your food?

Do you use preservatives, flavourings or colouring in your raw dog food?

Does your raw dog food arrive fresh or frozen?

Is feeding a Biologically Appropriate Raw Food (BARF) diet better than feeding dry/wet food?

Is it safe to feed bones?

Is raw food safe? How do we store, handle and maintain hygiene with raw meat?

Is your raw dog food organic?

My dog loves your Pigs Ears but I can't find them on your website. Do you still sell them?

My dogs have allergies - is fresh, raw food safe for him?

What are the different needs of working dogs and pets?

What are the health benefits of the ENHANCED range?

What are the ingredients in your EXPERT Protein Power Venison and Duck Mince?

What are the ingredients in your food?

What is your RAWPLICITY guide?

What’s the difference between COMPLETE and ENHANCED?

When should I feed ENHANCED rather than COMPLETE?

Where do you make the food, is it local and handmade?

Where do you source your ingredients from?

Why do we make our food as Mince and Meatballs?

Why does the colour of the ENHANCED range look a little green?

Why is the raw meat brown, not bright red like the raw mince in the supermarket?

You claim your food includes ingredients you and I would eat - what does that mean?

Price, Discounts and Rewards

Do you offer a discount on first orders?

How do I save money with the Belly Rubs Reward Scheme?

Is your raw dog food a premium range?

Refer a Friend Rewards Programme

Do my 'Refer a Friend' discount codes expire?

Raw Feeding

Can I switch my dog to raw food immediately?

Can humans get salmonella or e-coli from handling raw dog food?

Can my dogs get salmonella or e-coli from raw feeding?

Can switching to raw dog food help calm a hyperactive dog?

Can switching to raw food cause constipation?

Did you know that rawhide chews are bad for your dogs?

How do I introduce my dog for the first time to raw food?

How will my dog's poo be affected by changing to a raw dog food diet?

Is it safe for me to mix raw food with dry or canned food?

Is it safe to feed raw bones to dogs?

My dog is drinking less water since switching to raw - is this normal?

My dog needs to lose weight - how much should I feed?

Should your raw food be cooked before serving?

What are the health benefits of raw food?

What do I do if my dog won't eat raw food? Do you have tips to help switch my dog to raw?

When and how many times a day should you feed your dog?

Why do dogs eat poo?

Why do we suggest different food amounts for different adult dogs?

Why should newborn puppies eat Weaning Paste or Follow-On Paste?

How much should I be feeding my puppy?


Do you accept trade orders?

Ordering from Poppy's Picnic

Do you have a minimum order?

Do you offer local pick-up?

Do you offer samples of your raw dog food?

Do you offer subscriptions?

How is my Poppy’s Picnic order delivered?

What are your return, exchange and cancellation policy?

What payment methods can I use to pay for my order?

Can I just order Treats?

What's the difference in the Small and Large Hampers?

Does your Subscription prices include postage?

How to store Poppy's Picnic

Any tips on how to handle raw meat?

Can Poppy's Picnic raw food be re-frozen once fully defrosted?

How do I defrost Poppy's Picnic raw dog food?

How do I store my food in the freezer? How long does it last when frozen and once defrosted?

How long can I keep Poppy’s Picnic raw dog food frozen in the freezer?

Is your raw food packed in a recyclable and securely sealed container?

My food arrived inside the courier boxes partially defrosted - can I still put them in the freezer?

What are the sizes of your packs?

What happens if I find the dry ice has completely evaporated?

Feeding Poppy's Picnic

Do you have a range with no vegetables?

Do I need to add a mixer biscuit with Poppy's Picnic meals?

Do you have sodium in your food?

How do I gradually switch to raw dog food from dry or wet food?

My dog doesn’t like the food, do you have any tips?

What type of feeder are you?

Ethics and Policies

Are your packaging made out of recycled material?

Can I recycle your packaging and the insulated boxes that come with delivery?

Do you support any charities, clubs and adoption organisations?

Do you support local farmers and butchers?

What are your animal welfare standards?

What is your DEFRA licence?

What is your company's carbon footprints?


Can I choose the delivery time?

Do you offer next day delivery?

I've run out of food. Help!

What are our shipping prices?

What are the delivery charges to Scotland?

Why do you use polystyrene in your insulated courier boxes?