Adopting a new way of feeding may seem a little daunting. But actually changing your dog to a raw food diet is easy and takes just a couple of tweaks to your daily schedule. And in fact, feeding raw dog food is no more difficult than other foods.


You can set yourself up as a raw feeder in five steps:

  • Get the storage right
  • Find out how much to feed
  • Order the food
  • Make the switch
  • Get into the rhythm

Our rule is simple: old food yesterday, raw today

Changing to a raw diet can be as easy as putting down a bowl of food.  However, here are a few suggestions to help make the switch go easily:

  1. Do a complete swap – dry/canned one day, raw the next – most dogs won’t need encouragement to eat something new!
  2. Start the switch on a new day – don’t mix foods on the same day
  3. Match the protein they were eating before switching and keep them on this for three days (e.g if they were eating Chicken Adult Pedigree or Lily’s Kitchen Chicken and Duck then start off on our Chicken and Bone Complete for three days).  After this time you can introduce our other varieties

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Our RAWPLICITY guide contains loads more information about getting yourself started as a raw feeder. We also have tricks and tips on switching fussier dogs and also advice on feeding puppys. And if you have any questions just email [email protected] and we will be happy to help!

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