Who are Poppy and Dylan?

Dylan and Poppy are the brains behind Poppy’s Picnic.  Let’s have a chat with Dylan about why he started making raw food:

“As a child I always wanted a dog, but it wasn’t till I was 36 that Poppy came into my life.  At the time I was overweight and my muffin top had turned into a Victoria sponge. I decided it was time to clean up my diet.

As humans we know eating fresh is what keeps us fit and healthy – in fact we are meant to eat (at least) 5 fresh items a day. It was out with the junk food and in with the (fresh) good stuff – I felt great. But poor Poppy was stuck in groundhog day eating the same dry food for breakfast and dinner, breakfast and dinner.

When I looked at the ingredients in her (expensive) dry food, I was horrified. I realised I wasn’t feeding her what she needed and it was void of freshness. There was none, no fresh meat, no fresh vegetables – nothing. So with the same vigour I applied to my own dietary change, I took up the mantle to change hers. I started reading book after book on dog nutrition, consulted with vets, nutritionists and canine experts. The result of all my research was that fresh raw feeding was the best and most natural way to feed Poppy.

Apron on, I started experimenting with my own recipes and after a weekend of using every utensil in the house, Poppy’s first fresh raw meal was ready. Before long friends and neighbours noticed the wonderful changes to Poppy and wanted the same real, natural dog food for their own four-legged friends.  Poppy’s Picnic was born.

It’s been an amazing ride ever since – from appearing on Dragons’ Den, to running a successful Crowdfunding campaign, exporting to Asia, to winning a shelf load of awards – I sometimes forget how much we have achieved in such a short space of time.  

It makes my heart sing that every day we are helping more and more dogs eat better, fresh food.


Dylan and Poppy x”