Who is Poppy?

Poppy is a miniature schnauzer and mum of six. She lives with two of her daughters, Slipper and Katie, and adopted pure-black mini schnauzer pup Gaby, and Dylan of course, in their Wiltshire home.

Poppy is the inspiration behind Poppy’s Picnic and the company’s CED (Chief Executive Dog).

And what about Dylan? Here’s his story – the story of Poppy’s Picnic

“As a child I always wanted a dog, but it wasn’t till I was 36 that Poppy came into my life.  At the time I was overweight… and my muffin top had turned into a Victoria sponge. I decided it was time to clean up my diet.

So, it was out with the junk food and in with the good stuff. And I felt great! BUT poor Poppy was stuck in groundhog day eating the same dry food for breakfast and dinner… breakfast and dinner…

And when I actually took the time to look, I was shocked to find out what was in her (expensive!) processed food. I realised I wasn’t feeding her what she needed, so started reading up on dog nutrition.

I read a load of books and consulted with vets and nutritionists. I soon discovered that raw feeding was the best and most natural way to feed your dog.

Apron on, I started experimenting with my own recipes – using every utensil in the kitchen – and soon Poppy’s first raw meal was ready. Before long friends and neighbours noticed the wonderful changes to Poppy and wanted real, natural dog food for their own four-legged friends.  And after a eureka moment in the shower, Poppy’s Picnic was born.

The years since this moment we have been on a real rollercoaster of a ride – from a certain Dragons’ Den to a new factory site, via winning awards and Crowdfunding. I think Poppy has enjoyed every minute of it – she loves the fame and treats she gets during photoshoots – and I have learnt more than I can begin to write here. Each day we get up knowing we are helping more and more dogs eat better, fresh food and they makes our hearts sing.”