Who is Poppy?

Poppy is a miniature schnauzer – owned by Dylan and his partner Michael – and mum of six. She lives with her humans, her daughters Slipper and Katie, and new adopted pure-black mini schnauzer pup Gaby, in their Wiltshire home.

Poppy is the inspiration behind Poppy’s Picnic and the company’s CED (Chief Executive Dog).

And what about Dylan? Here’s his story – the story of Poppy’s Picnic

“As a child I always wanted a dog, but it wasn’t till I was 36 that Poppy came into my life.  At the time I was overweight… and my muffin top had turned into a Victoria sponge. I decided it was time to clean up my diet.

So, it was out with the junk food and in with the good stuff. And I felt great! BUT poor Poppy was stuck in groundhog day eating the same dry food for breakfast and dinner… breakfast and dinner…

And when I actually took the time to look, I was shocked to find out what was in her (expensive!) processed food. I realised I wasn’t feeding her what she needed, so started reading up on dog nutrition.

I read a load of books and consulted with vets and nutritionists. I soon discovered that raw feeding was the best and most natural way to feed your dog.

Apron on, I started experimenting with my own recipes – using every utensil in the kitchen – and soon Poppy’s first raw meal was ready. Before long friends and neighbours noticed the wonderful changes to Poppy and wanted real, natural dog food for their own four-legged friends.  And after a eureka moment in the shower, Poppy’s Picnic was born.”