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WOOF! It's a Bank Holiday on Monday 27th May and Poppy and the girls will be out for walkies. Please place orders by midday Thurs 23rd May for next day delivery. All orders made after this time will be processed on Tues 28th for delivery on Weds 29th May.

Cats need fresh raw food perhaps even more so than dogs. A bold statement, but true. Unlike dogs, cats are obligate carnivores, meaning they require fresh meat and an essential nutrient called taurine to survive.

When eating raw, cats can get all the meat they need in a more natural way – in other words, closer to the diet they would choose to eat in the wild.

We’ve taken it upon ourselves to create the purrfect fresh, raw recipes for cats that we can, and we can’t wait to reveal all! If you want to be the first to know about our pawsome fresh cat food, be sure to sign up here.

Some of the most obvious benefits of fresh, raw feeding for cats include:

Better digestion

Because your cat will digest the majority of the food they eat, their whole digestive system improves and becomes more efficient.

Better urinary health

It’s obvious that there is more moisture in fresh, raw meat than biscuits/kibble. Cats have extremely sensitive kidneys and hydration is vitally important. As they take most of their water from their food, you can understand why raw is so much better.

Better weight management

No wheat, grains or fillers mean lower-carb food.

Healthier skin and coat

The full complement of nutrients means full, stronger, and shinier fur. You can also expect less moulting – so fewer hairballs!

More energy

Wonder why your cat takes a nap almost every chance they get? The carb-rich processed food makes them sleepy. A raw diet will promote your cat’s metabolism and stamina.

Smaller and less odorous poops that biodegrade quickly

We are obsessed with poo. Raw poo that is. This is because it’s just nicer all round than any other kind of poo. On a raw diet your cat may poo less frequently because they are digesting and using almost everything they eat, rather than pooing out all those wasted fillers.

Poppy’s Picnic Rawsome Fresh Cat Food – coming soon!

Click here to express your interest and get notified of our progress!

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  • Mrs. Judi Frampton says:

    Hi! having seen an article in ” Our Dogs” am interested in Poppy’s Picnic, for my 4month kitten ( British Shorthair) Floella. She was bred by Karen May of Amiryck ( affix) down on Somerset/ Devon border. Have to say, beautifully reared kittens, and was supplied with every food they were having!
    One of the foods is Natural Instinct, which, Floella does like lots, though, she’s not the best eater, so, I wondered if you also do a kitten/ puppy food, that comes in say 500 gms, or 1kg, when in early Spring, I will hopefully be having a litter from my Irish Setter bitch Amelia.
    Look forward to hearing from you Judi Frampton

    • Dylan (Chief Woof) says:

      Hi Judi, thank you for reaching out to us! Floella is a lovely name 🙂
      We’re currently working hard on our cat food range, so please do keep your eyes peeled on our website for any updates.
      We do indeed offer weaning and follow-on paste for puppies up to 8 weeks old that come in 450g packs, will this be of interest to you? This the link for more details: https://poppyspicnic.co.uk/raw-dog-food/shop-by-pet-food-type/expert-meals/
      Please feel free to reply to this comment for more info or you can email us at [email protected] or call us at 01380 716 599, we’d love to chat!
      Much kindness, Dylan and Poppy x

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