Around 50% of dogs in the UK are obese and the same number have diabetes. A growing number of domestic cats are obese too. As with humans, this is due to high sugar, high carb, low protein diets.

Dogs and cats should be eating meat. It’s simple – and obvious – if you think about it.

Commercial, highly processed feeds have only been with us since the 1950s and since then there has been an explosion in illnesses affecting dogs and cats. These pet feeds are packed with bulking ingredients like wheat (or other cereals and grains) and ‘meat derivatives’, the generic name for animal protein which avoids having to specify where the meat comes from. They can contain over 75% bulking ingredients and low protein. Go and read some labels on the back of packs and you too will be shocked!

These processed pet feeds also contain preservatives. Anything sitting on a shelf in a shop or warehouse has to have preservatives added to stop it from going off. A long shelf life may be great for the shop owner, and for the owner at home, but preservatives are not good for animals.  Many skin conditions and allergies can be linked to preservatives and similar ingredients.

Mass-produced pet feeds may be quick and convenient, but they come nowhere near to providing the nutritional support of a natural, fresh diet.

Our food is very, very different.

Free from artificial colours, preservatives and flavourings, Poppy’s Picnic does not contain cereals, grains or any other unnecessary ingredients of any kind.

Feeding Poppy’s Picnic – a biologically appropriate raw food (BARF) diet – provides your dog or cat with all the essential vitamins, minerals and oils they need for optimum health… and mirrors what they would get naturally in the wild.

Active dogs need proper meat protein for energy and endurance. Unnecessary carbs, like cereals and grains, can make a dog sluggish, sleepy and slow – simply removing these from their diet and providing fresh raw meat can have a dramatic effect on their condition and vitality, reducing excess body fat and improving muscle tone.

Pets at home need a balanced diet to maintain their health and thrive in the modern environment, especially in urban areas. Just as our own lifestyles have changed, our pets’ lifestyles have changed too with a complex range of factors now contributing to their wellbeing. Pet owners are finding themselves making regular trips to the vets for help with skin or coat, digestive or behaviour issues that can often be linked back to poor diet.

But don’t take our word for it!

We work with holistic vet Dr Nick Thompson, President of the Raw Feeding Veterinary Society, and he has this to say on the subject.

“Raw feeding is fairly new to science… although not to dogs and cats, as they have been eating like this for millennia!  More research is coming out every year that agrees we should not be feeding our animals a processed diet. I am in no doubt about the benefits of a raw diet – and you just have to ask any raw feeder in the UK about it and they will list all the positive impacts on their pet’s health.  Food is so fundamental to health that if you feed a species-appropriate diet in a form that animals have evolved to eat – i.e. in a raw format – then I believe that pretty much all physiological parameters will improve.”

There are so many benefits to raw…


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