Beef, Tripe & Bone COMPLETE Raw Dog Food

Our award winning complete and balanced fresh dog food will keep your dog happy and healthy all year round. Freshly made with succulent British beef this Poppy’s Picnic COMPLETE mince is a super healthy and convenient recipe to feed.

Handmade in the heart of Wiltshire with 60% human grade British beef (like you would buy in the supermarket), green lambs tripe, liver, kidney, dog friendly garden fresh vegetables, parsley and a dash of coconut oil & flaxseed oil.  We also add wheatgrass, sea kelp and spirulina (a powerful microalgae and a great source of Omega 3 containing both EPA & DHEA).  

See ingredients tab below for full breakdown.

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Made with fresh, locally sourced ingredients to give your dog everything it needs to support an active life, Poppy’s Picnic Beef, Tripe & Bone COMPLETE Mince is a nutritious raw food for dogs of all ages.

Complete raw dog foods means our meals contain everything your dog needs for a healthy, long life. Like many owners you may use the occasional treat as a dog training reward – make sure this is no more than 15% of the diet…and always feed raw treats too, like our dried liver or venison BITES. If you need guidance on how much to feed or if you are changing from another food type, please see our Feeding section or do get in touch

Raw beef dog food recipes are easy on your dog’s gut. And raw feeders all know about the result… biodegradable dog poo that is smaller, less frequent and less smelly, making clearing up after your dog a better experience.

Feeding our raw dog food is quick and easy. Use our calculate in the Feeding section to calculate the daily amount to feed based on weight.

For us, family, great values, treading lightly on the planet and acting with good intentions means everything to us. Poppy’s Picnic was started to help our dog Poppy lead a better, healthier life and we extend our care to your dog as well.

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We use human grade raw British beef (like you would buy in the supermarket), liver, kidney, dog friendly garden fresh vegetables, fresh parsley and a dash of coconut oil & flaxseed oil.  We also add wheatgrass, sea kelp and spirulina (a powerful microalgae and a great source of Omega 3 containing both EPA & DHEA).  No weird ingredients you don’t recognise, no chemical flavouring, no grains or fillers, no artificial additives –  just natural dog food, freshly prepared and frozen for your convenience.

60% British Beef and Ox heart
10% British Ground Beef Bone
10% British Green Lamb Tripe
10% Vegetables (Cabbage, Parsnip, Carrot, Swede, Butternut Squash)
5% British Ox liver
5% British Ox kidney
Parsley (for fresh breath)
Wheatgrass, Spirulina and Sea Kelp Powders
Coconut and Flaxseed Oil

Analysis percentage per 100g
61.2% Moisture
17.6% Protein
14.0% Total Fat
5.4% Ash (we don’t add ash! This is the residue left after burning the sample to make the analysis)
1.3% Crude Fibre

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There are three ways to introduce our fresh raw food into your dog’s bowl:

FAST TRACK (old food today, raw tomorrow – this is what Dylan did with Poppy)
GRADUAL (gradually introduce raw over time – Dylan did this when Katie came to live with the gang)
OCCASIONAL (great for people who want to introduce fresh to their regular feeding routine)

Use our handy calculator below to determine how much to feed your dog every day. Not sure how much your dog weighs? Jump on your scales, get with your dog and note down the difference! We recommend starting at 2% of their body weight.

How much does your dog weigh?

We are here to support you on your fresh raw food journey, just give one of our friendly helpful VIP (Very Important Paws) Customer Service team a call or email ( and we will be there for you and your dog.

Our handy guide below will help determine if your dog is at their ideal weight. If you feel they are too thin, we suggest a daily diet increase of 10%; overweight then decrease by 10%.

Please remember every dog is an individual, they gain and lose weight depending on their life stage, health, metabolism and how much food and exercise they have so your eyes and touch are very important for your dogs health.

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