Green Tripe: The Ultimate Superfood For Dogs?

Green tripe is a real superfood. It provides a rich variety of goodness such as digestible proteins and probiotics, and can help with weight maintenance, dental health and more. But it has a bad reputation with some raw feeders, mainly because of the smell. We only add small quantities of green tripe to our COMPLETE range of raw dog food – enough to do the work of a superfood but not enough to make it unpleasant to be around!  

What is green tripe?

Green tripe is the raw, untreated and unbleached stomachs or intestines of grazing animals such as cows, buffalo and sheep. The white and bleached form of tripe which you may have seen in supermarkets are not the kind you want to feed your dog as the bleaching process has stripped it of its nutritional value.

To most of us, tripe may sound disgusting, but green tripe actually contains plenty of nutrients, enzymes and good bacteria making it great for your dog’s health. Just like the ancestors of our dogs, it is also part of the natural BARF diet since they used to consume their prey’s stomach and organs for all the essential vitamins before becoming domesticated.

Using green tripe in our raw recipes

Again, we use raw, pre-boiled, untreated and unbleached green tripe in our fresh meals, including our Chicken and Tripe COMPLETE Mince Raw Dog Food. Because the green tripe we use is unprocessed, all the enzymes and beneficial bacteria that help your dog digest its food would remain. Cooking the green tripe would completely destroy the digestive enzymes, which is why we not only use green, but also raw tripe.

We believe that supplementing your dog’s diet with raw, green tripe will help them maintain a healthy balance of microflora, develop the essential vitamins and minerals, and prevent a range of health issues in the future.

All of the green tripe we use in our meals comes from lamb. We wash it once and then mince it into fresh meals. Simple as that!

Why does it have to be green?

Contrary to what you may think, green tripe is called green not because of its physical colour, but because it is raw, untreated and unbleached. While it can look tinted green due to the grass or plant material eaten by the animal, it is more grey-ish brown. It may not smell very pleasing to the human nose, but as long as our dogs love the strong smell and it’s healthy for them then it’s great!

Nutritional value of green tripe

  • Protein

High in protein which helps with essential functions in your dog’s body such as muscle building, immune system boosting and tissue repair.

  • Probiotics

Green tripe contains a lot of healthy probiotic called lactobacillus acidophilus. They help keep nasty and bad bacteria from damaging your pet’s digestive system which can make your dog become ill. By adding this in your dog’s diet will promote healthy digestion.

  • Enzymes

There are plenty of digestive enzymes in green tripe which aid in facilitating the breakdown of food into nutrients in your dog’s body which means they can absorb more vitamins and minerals.

  • Natural vitamins and minerals

It is of course scientifically proven that consuming natural food sources such as raw green tripe for minerals and vitamins are more beneficial than eating them from added vitamins, which is the same for our dog’s digestive system.

  • Calcium, phosphorus & healthy fats

Green tripe has the perfect calcium to phosphorus ratio and contains essential fatty acids which makes it nutritionally-balanced and easy for your dog to digest, especially if they have a sensitive tummy - and gives them long-term energy!

Benefits of green tripe

Many vets and canine nutritionists consider green tripe to be the most nutritional superfood for dogs because of its many health benefits.  

  • Weight maintenance

The green tripe in our recipe contains concentrated calories that are full of nutrients which boosts your dog’s metabolism and immune system. It actually helps with weight loss and maintenance as it will help them feel full without missing out on the essential nutrients.

  • Dental health

Raw green tripe helps improve dental health because of its rubbery texture, so having this in our recipe not only is enjoyable for your dog in terms of taste but also for stronger gums and teeth.

  • Digestive enzymes for sensitive tummies

Fresh, raw green tripe is known to have the most probiotics and digestive enzymes and is very easy for your dog to digest. The enzymes also help cleanse the blood, remove bad toxins and improve hormonal function. If your pet struggles with acid reflux (known as Leaky Gut syndrome’, then the super digestible green tripe can ease the symptoms.  

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