Remembrance Sunday

This Remembrance Sunday is unique because it marks the 100th anniversary of the end of World War I. As we remember all those who have died and been injured in this and all subsequent conflicts, we should also commemorate the contribution of some often forgotten heroes – dogs!

Here’s Katie in the beautiful village of Lacock, Wiltshire, commemorating all those killled or
injured in conflict – including animals, signified by the purple poppy #LestWeForget

Dogs played a massive role in World War I. In fact, historians believe that around 20,000 dogs were trained for frontline duties throughout the war. They proved themselves to be brave and invaluable helpmates, relaying messages, providing aid to the wounded, and saving lives by detecting mines and some became mascots – boosting morale amongst soldiers and providing a friend!

One story that really stood out for me was that of an Airedale named Jack, who helped save an entire British battalion in 1918.

Jack was a messenger dog for a battalion that was seeking to secure an advanced post, far behind enemy lines. After a barrage from enemy forces, communications with HQ was completely severed and it seemed as if all was lost. Jack sat obediently, anxious to get to work! The battalion turned to their furry friend, slipping a vital message into his collar and sending him on his way. What happened next was amazing. For the next half mile Jack ran through battle-torn terrain, under constant enemy fire, eventually delivering the message for assistance and thereby saving his entire battalion.

Jack’s story speaks volumes about just how amazing our furry friends can be 🐶

This Remembrance Sunday we want to thank all of those who have served to protect our freedom – and of course those who continue to do so around the world. We also want to thank all the pups, like Jack, who showed unmatched courage and were there when we needed them the most.

Much kindness,

Dylan and Poppy x

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