Stockist in the Spotlight: Maria's Pets & Florists

Poppy’s Picnic is delighted to work with pet stockists around the UK. For our latest Stockists in the Spotlight series, Poppy’s Picnic talks to the lovely Maria from Maria's Pet and Florist to find out more about her store and why she stocks Poppy’s Picnic award-winning raw dog food.

Maria first opened her business in August 2019, having previously worked for another business in the town that had closed. Her two passions in life have always been about animals and floristry, and so with her husband's encouragement, Maria's Pet and Florist in Calne became a reality and she hasn't looked back since! 

Her passion for animals is no surprise if you consider how many four-legged friends and pets she has. Maria not only has 2 beautiful rescue dogs, Lexi (aka the Chopsy Diva) the French Bulldog and Emmy the Boston Terrier/Bulldog, she also has guinea pigs, a lizard and tropical fish. 

Maria's Pet and Florist started stocking Poppy's Picnic in September 2019. Maria loves supporting local businesses whenever possible so finding out that our Houndquarters were just up the road from hers, it was a no brainer.

Maria says, "I always encourage people to feed raw especially after having seen the benefits myself of feeding raw to my dogs. I usually suggest our COMPLETE Meatballs as a trial feed as it's easy to pop a few out of the pack to defrost, and then serve. We have seen an increase in people feeding raw to their dogs for all types of reasons from itchy skin, stomach or digestive problems and just for general wellbeing of their dogs"

"Unlike some other raw foods, Poppy's Picnic is mess-free and so makes it super convenient especially for first time raw feeders. As it's easy to defrost and prepare, mealtimes are ideal for us busy dog parents. All I say is, remember to take the raw meals our of the freezer ;)" 

"I have been approached by other companies to stock their raw food, but we never felt the need as my customers are so happy with their raw meals. I only have to look at my own dogs to know it is the best" 

"We have gone from strength to strength with Poppy's Picnic. When we first started selling their food, we only ordered twice a month but we now place a large order every week. It's also so lovely to chat to the lovely Deborah, their VIP (Very Important Paws) Team member as she's always helpful with getting my orders out to my customers, especially during the Covid-19 lockdown period. Boy did we go through your freezer bags then!" 

"I count myself very fortunate that my business is in it's early years has done so well. I have an amazing staff, we have lovely customers and I am proud to be the owner of a small business" 

Thank you Maria for giving us an insight into your store and tell us more about why you first started selling pet food and your experience with us as a Poppy's Picnic stockist.

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