Switching To A Raw Food Diet For Dogs 🥩🥕🥥

Poppy's Picnic makes switching to a raw food diet for dogs easy and super convenient for you and your dog. Find out how: 


Old food yesterday, raw today.

Making the switch to a raw dog food diet can be as easy as putting down a bowl of food.

Here’s how to help make the switch go easily

  1. Do a complete swap – dry/canned one day, raw the next – most dogs won’t need encouragement!
  2. Don’t mix feed, old with new or raw with kibble
  3. Start the switch on a new day – don’t mix foods on the same day
  4. Match the protein they were eating before switching and keep them on this for three days (e.g if they were eating a tinned Chicken Adult food or dry Chicken and Duck kibble then start off on our Chicken and Bone Complete for three days). After this time you can introduce our other varieties

Changing your dog to a raw food diet is easy and just takes a couple of tweaks to your daily schedule. And in fact, many new customers feeding raw dog food for the first time are astonished at how much easier it is.

Your dog might give you those big eyes. Your cat might meow asking for other food. If they were on a processed diet before then they will be used to – addicted to even – the carbs and sugar they used to eat. Don’t feel tempted to mix feed or give them the odd meal of their old food. Just stick to raw and it’s be good health all the way.

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Jay slaughter

I’ve got a 3 year old staffie he was on kibble I’ve tried the switch I put down a bowl of raw he’s sniffed it and walked away it’s the 2nd day now and he still refuses to eat it , any ideas ??? Regards jay

Jay slaughter

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