Venison & Duck EXPERT Raw Dog Food


Limited Edition! Veg free Poppy’s Picnic EXPERT Venison & Duck

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Limited Edition. Get it while it’s…  frozen!

Poppy’s Picnic Venison & Duck is our ever first veg-free recipe. Perfect for the more sensitive tummy or to add protein variety to your normal COMPLETE or ENHANCED feeding routine. Suitable for dogs of all ages and delivered directly to your door: simply defrost and serve.

This is a complementary food rather than a complete food as it contains no offal and veg. It is important to make sure your dog eats a variety to meet their nutritional needs.

For us, family, great values, treading lightly on the planet and acting with good intentions means everything to us. Poppy’s Picnic was started to help our dog Poppy lead a better, healthier life and we extend our care to your dog as well.


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Simple, fresh, ingredients in a unique recipe – nothing weird or unrecognisable – if it’s good enough for humans then it’s good enough for dogs – though we do not recommend you eat our food, unless you’re partial to a bit of ground up bone.

60% British Duck (including 10% British Duck bone)
30% British Venison
5% British Ox liver
5% British Ox kidney

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Find how much you need to feed your dog. Use our handy calculator below.

How much does your dog weigh?

We recommend making a straight switch to raw. Feed your dog’s old food one evening and then Poppy’s Picnic in the morning. Most dogs will enjoy it from day one!

As it is with humans, responsible eating is super important. Finding the right balance can be hard and knowing how much to feed even harder. We really are here to help you, so any questions, do get in touch.

Every animal is an individual, they gain and lose weight depending on their life stage, metabolism and how much food and exersize they have.

If you are not sure if your dog is a little too thin or fat, just feel their ribs – are they a little too boney or are their ribs too covered? Whichever the case adjust your feeding (including treats) accordingly.

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