Poppy’s Picnic Dragon Skin BITES

100% natural dried cod skin… No human or mythical creature was harmed in the making of these bites 😉

Our Dragon Bites are caught in British waters and dried slowly. They are a fantastic training aid or low calorie Omega 3 snack and naturally help exfoliate the teeth (as your dog is chewing, the scales will gently help remove tartar build up – perfect!).

Weight: 30g

From: £4.25



Our Poppy’s Picnic Dragon Skin BITES are actually tasty little morsels of dried cod skin, perfect for treating while out and about, as a training aid or to motivate and reward good behaviour. Grain, wheat and gluten free. Naturally low fat and made in the UK

When giving treats make sure this is no more than 15% of the diet…and always feed raw treats like these. We advise a maximum of five per day (fewer if you have a diddy dog or cat – and you can cut smaller too!). If you need guidance on how much to feed or if you are changing from another food type, please see our Feeding section or do get in touch

For us, family, great values, treading lightly on the planet and acting with good intentions means everything to us. Poppy’s Picnic was started to help our dog Poppy lead a better, healthier life and we extend our care to your dog and cat as well.

Our time on Dragons’ Den was much fun and we are now officially As Seen On TV, all thanks to our appearance on BBC2. We came, we saw, we flirted with Peter Jones, and we left victorious. Hurrah!  Crazy to think it was filmed in May 2017 and we have come a VERY long way since then. It was a thrilling, exhausting, sometimes gruelling ride, but Poppy made it through the experience and out the other side. Watch Poppy take her stand against the fearsome Dragons. Oh, and Dylan and Lou were there too

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No weird ingredients you don’t recognise, no chemical flavouring, no grains or fillers, no artificial additives –  just natural dog food, freshly prepared and frozen for your convenience.


Made with 100% dried cod skin and nothing else!

Analysis percentage per 100g
45% Protein
28.6% Oil & Fat
7.2% Ash
6.9% Moisture
4.2% Amino acids
Omega 3 & 6

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Find how much you need to feed your dog. Use our handy calculator below.

How much does your dog weight?

We recommend making a straight switch to raw. Feed your dog’s old food one evening and then Poppy’s Picnic in the morning. Most dogs will enjoy it from day one!

As it is with humans, responsible eating is super important. Finding the right balance can be hard and knowing how much to feed even harder. We really are here to help you, so any questions, do get in touch.

Every animal is an individual, they gain and lose weight depending on their life stage, metabolism and how much food and exersize they have.

If you are not sure if your dog is a little too thin or fat, just feel their ribs – are they a little too boney or are their ribs too covered? Whichever the case adjust your feeding (including treats) accordingly.

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