Meaty Beef Knuckles 100% Natural

  • Meaty Beef Knuckles 100% Natural

Meaty Beef Knuckles 100% Natural

Fresh Raw Dog Food


Give a dog a bone! Tasty and delicious bones for adult dogs.

Our TASTY Meaty Beef Knuckles are packed with nutrients, a good jaw workout and nature’s toothbrush as they help to prevent the buildup of plaque.

300 g per pack


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1 Year +

Tummy friendly

100% beef knuckle bones


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  • Are knuckle bones good for dogs?

    Our Poppy’s Picnic Meaty Beef Knuckles are full of nutrients, a good jaw workout and nature’s toothbrush (no more carb-filled dental sticks!).

    Bones help to keep a dog’s teeth clean and their gums healthy by preventing the buildup of plaque.

    Our Meaty Beef Knuckles take a bit more chewing than our marrow bones, so only feed to dogs over 1 year and keep an eye on them while they have them.

  • Freshly prepared and frozen for your convenience.


    Made with 100% British beef knuckle bones and nothing else.

    Analysis percentage per 100g

    • 25.8% Moisture
    • 23.9% Protein
    • 14.9% Total Fat
    • 38% Ash (we don’t add ash! This is the residue left after burning the sample to make the analysis)
    • 10.7% Crude Fibre
    • 164 kcal/100g
  • Beef knuckles are best given to an experienced chewer. If you have just made the switch to raw, leave it a few weeks before you introduce bones. Give them a bone large enough not to be swallowed in one gulp but small enough for them to manage in their mouths.

    Always remember is that bones must be uncooked, NEVER cooked.

    When you feed bones, you can reduce the quantity of food in the evening meal to allow for the weight in the bones themselves.

    Offer our raw bones as a snack 1 to 3 times per week and always keep an eye on your dog while they chew.

    Defrost in the bag, placing in the fridge overnight. Once defrosted give to your dog within 24 hours.

    Looking for a smaller bone? Why not try our TASTY Beef Marrow Bones?