Pigs Ears 100% Natural

  • Pigs Ears 100% Natural

Pigs Ears 100% Natural

Fresh Raw Dog Food

Listen up! Our TASTY Pigs Ears (pair) are a delicious, natural and wholesome treat that will have your dog’s tail wagging.
200 g per pack


Never run out of dog food. We'll calculate how much you need and when.

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Loved by dogs

6 Months +

Tummy friendly

100% natural pigs ears


1-2-1 Support

  • Are pigs ears safe for dogs? Our frozen 100% free range British pigs ears (sold in pairs) are completely natural and raw and are not air dried.

    A tantalising treat for active dogs, feed one once a week, and keep an eye on them while they chew.

  • Freshly prepared and frozen for your convenience.


    Made with 100% Pigs ears and nothing else.

  • Feed one (or half for smaller dogs) once a week and keep an eye on them while they chew.

    Defrost overnight in the fridge. Once defrosted give to your dog within 24 hours.

    Mmm, who doesn’t like a fresh TASTY Treat? Why not also try feeding our TASTY Beef Marrow Bones?