RAWPLICITY: The Complete Guide to Feeding Raw


RAWPLICITY: The Complete Guide to Raw Feeding (downloadable PDF)



Welcome to our RAW REVOLUTION!

“It’s fair to say that Poppy has completely changed my life – and in turn the lives of many dogs just like her. I first fed Poppy on a premium processed food, but I soon started making raw meals for her because it was obvious she needed better quality, healthier food. It took a long time, research and every utensil in my kitchen, but it was worth all the effort. From this simple beginning, Poppy’s Picnic was born, and with it an ever growing number of dogs across the country are now enjoying a healthier, nutritionally balanced and tasty raw diet made from 100% natural ingredients.

By choosing a raw diet you have made the best feeding choice for your dog. This biologically appropriate diet is the closest to what a dog would eat in the wild – quite simply, it’s what they are designed to eat.

In this online PDF guide I wanted to provide you with a little bit more information about the many benefits you will see from feeding raw and how to switch your dog to the best food they’ll ever eat.  

Happy feeding!”

Love Dylan and Poppy x

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No weird ingredients you don’t recognise, no chemical flavouring, no grains or fillers, no artificial additives –  just natural dog food, freshly prepared and frozen for your convenience.


‘RAWPLICITY  – The Complete Guide to Raw Feeding’ is made from electronic wizardry (as we send it as a downloadable PDF) so it won’t be possible to eat… though you can devour the words 🙂

Analysis percentage per 100g
84.4% Useful information
6.3% Pictures
5.1% Advice & tips
4.2% Fun

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How much does your dog weigh?

We recommend making a straight switch to raw. Feed your dog’s old food one evening and then Poppy’s Picnic in the morning. Most dogs will enjoy it from day one!

As it is with humans, responsible eating is super important. Finding the right balance can be hard and knowing how much to feed even harder. We really are here to help you, so any questions, do get in touch.

Every animal is an individual, they gain and lose weight depending on their life stage, metabolism and how much food and exersize they have.

If you are not sure if your dog is a little too thin or fat, just feel their ribs – are they a little too boney or are their ribs too covered? Whichever the case adjust your feeding (including treats) accordingly.

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