The food your
dog was born to eat

Raw and natural nutrition for your dog, delivered to your door

Real Raw Food For Dogs

Real Raw Food For Dogs

We make it easier for you to feed your dog a nutritious and healthy
raw diet, the way nature intended.

Handmade Raw Dog Food

Our food is freshly handmade raw dog food by fourth generation butchers in Wiltshire.

It’s a balanced mix of fresh British meat + vegetables, herbs, botanicals, liver & kidney.

✓ No artificial additives
✓ No preservatives
✓ No fillers
✓ No colourings

Ingredients you will recognise, food your dog will love

No weird ingredients that you don’t recognise, no chemical flavourings or artificial additives, grains or fillers – just fresh ingredients made into nutritious dog food, lovingly prepared and frozen for your convenience

We’ve worked with vets, nutritionists, fourth generation butchers and local farmers to lovingly craft our dog food and ensure total and complete nutrition

How our meal plan subscriptions work

1. Tell us about your dog

We’ll ask a few quick question about your furry friend. Things like; his weight, activity level and age. Don’t worry if you have more than one, we can handle up to 9 at once!

2. We create your meal plan

• Perfect portion sizes for your pooch
• Delivered frozen to your door
• Delivered on a predictable schedule, so you never run out
• Never more than you can fit in the freezer

3. Serve a bowl of happiness

You’ve just made breakfast and dinner a first class dining experience - we call this Poppylicious!

Want to try it first? Get a one-off hamper.

Happy Hounds

5 star review


"Teddy is just 2, but he’s always been disinterested in food. We’ve tried everything but we struggled to get him to eat, and then we found Poppy’s Picnic. He has started to go straight into his dish as soon as I put it down now and he licks the bowl clean! I just ordered his 2nd hamper so hopefully his appetite for good healthy food will continue!"

5 star review


"I’m blown away by the quality and would never think of changing Bells' food again. For a dog that has never eaten breakfast, she now sits in front of the fridge expectantly. She’s super sleek and looking the best she ever has!"

5 star review

Rabbit & Badger

"I tried a few suppliers and happened across Poppy’s Picnic. We haven’t looked back. Badger has always eaten well but it’s lovely seeing Rabbit eating all his food and thoroughly enjoying it. No more sitting with him trying to encourage him to eat more than one mouthful. He loves meal times and I love your excellent customer service."

Want to try it first? Get a one-off hamper.

The benefits of feeding raw

Enhanced Oral Health

Improved Digestion

Easier weight management

Healthier skin & coat

Reduced allergy symptoms

Smaller, less stinky poos!

A calmer, happier dog :)

Tail Wagging Reviews

Come Dine With Poppy

Poppy is the cheeky miniature schnauzer with a taste for fresh good food (and a love of the spotlight!) who inspired Poppy's Picnic

She's appeared on Dragons' Den, Come Dine With Me, This Morning with Eamonn and Ruth, and James Martin's Saturday Morning

Want to try it first? Get a one-off hamper.

European Agricultural Fund for Rural Development: Europe investing in rural areas.
A project to purchase meat processing equipment for the production of dog and cat food