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Our Ethics

Reduce & Recycle
Carbon Footprint
Ethical Ingredients

Reuse & Recycle

Since 2019 we have reduced our plastic use by over 90% and our aim it to remove it completely.

Our new Raw Power and Mighty Mince trays are 100% compostable, or can be recycled as paper. They are made from a plant-based pulp with a bio-laminate liner, all of which can go in the compost.

In order to comply with our DEFRA licence the packs are still fully sealed and leak-proof. This is the reason we are still using the plastic film lid, but we are working on making this recyclable too. We use polystyrene to insulate our boxes in transit - this can be sent back to us for reuse via our Free Packaging Returns Scheme.

Over the last couple of years we have tested many alternative packaging (from wool to paper-filled liners, and even biodegradable mushroom fungus!). Currently, polystyrene is the only solution that works without adding extra cooling aids like dry ice (which if touched can burn both humans and dogs) or gel packs. New packaging is being created all the time and as soon as we find a better solution you will be the first to know. 

Our Meatballs are now packed in recycled and recyclable clear trays. As soon as we can source pulp trays for meatballs these will be replaced.

Dog with Raw Power raw dog food trays
Rosehips from the UK

Carbon Footprint

As we source the majority of our ingredients from the surrounding countryside, our carbon footprint is very small. Granted, you can’t buy coconut oil from Wiltshire but wherever possible our added extras (berries, herbs, oils and seeds) are from the UK.

Ethical Ingredients

As pet lovers, the welfare of all animals is of the utmost importance to us. We only work with local meat suppliers who adhere to the strictest standards of growing and killing meat.

The farmers we work with all carry the Red Tractor standard mark, which indicates that all the food is traceable, safe to eat and has been produced responsibly.

Our meat supplies are not enhanced with hormones (which have been banned in the EU since 1989) or other chemical nasties. We prefer to buy free range meat and will introduce more and more organic ingredients to our recipes.

To learn more about our Ingredients - click here.

Lush fresh vegetable; curly cale