Poppy in the Media

Poppy has become the darling of the nation’s televisions - it’s almost time to get her an agent!

Her television debut was in January 2018 when she led Dylan Watkins (our Founder and Chief Woof) and Louise Mackintosh (our MD and Project Tamer) out of the lift and into the BBC’s Dragons’ Den.

While the humans walked in with bated breath, Poppy confidently padded towards our bold statement set of fake grass, picnic baskets, toy dogs, blankets, bowls and of course, our raw dog food.

The Dragons were smitten! Poppy even got to sit on a Dragon’s lap (and not many can say that). Poppy was much needed support (although she chose to withdraw to her dressing room part way through) as Dylan and Louise fielded TWO HOURS worth of exhausting questions.

Four offers later, they accepted Deborah Meaden’s offer. Deborah pretty much had them at hello. Her enthusiasm for raw feeding and confidence in the growth of the sector was obvious from the start – and she was clearly a huge advocate for raw cat food (which made Louise very happy – being the resident Mad Cat Lady).

After charming the Dragons, the summer of 2018 saw Poppy film an episode of Channel 4's Couples Come Dine with Me in which contestants were fed freshly prepared dog food! Poppy wanted to showcase how dog food doesn’t need to be dried brown pellets, it can be delicious, flavoursome food that can be enjoyed by humans too (though we don’t recommend you dig your fork into our packaged food as we add bone!). The menu consisted of yummy dishes such as Golden Bone Broth, A Walk in the Park Tabbouleh and Canine-friendly Koftas.

Couples Come Dine with Me aired in early 2019 and caused quite a stir (just what we controversial cats like). This resulted in powerful publicity across national and local news outlets and led to an invitation to shoot a segment on ITV's This Morning with hosts Eamonn Holmes and Ruth Langsford. Once again Poppy was making friends in the green room and even got a cuddle from the lovely James Morrison. What a flirt! We’ll let you decide whether we’re talking about Poppy or James..!


Since appearing on these show it seems Poppy has made quite a splash – so many new customers have switched their dogs to a raw diet. That’s the best result we could ever have asked for. Keep your television sets tuned for more Poppy on the Box soon. WOOF!