Why raw
pet food?

Simple, wholesome 
food that's
bowl lickin' good

Over 50% of dogs and cats in the UK are obese

As with humans, obesity and illness can be attributed to diet and exercise. Over the last few generations we've forgotten that dogs and cats are carnivores - and carnivores eat raw meat

Switch your pet to raw diet, or add some raw to their bowl of wet or dry food. You'll quickly see the difference even a little fresh can make.

We love your pets and care about their health and happiness

It's simple, and obvious when you think about it

The benefits of feeding raw food to your cat or dog

oral health

Improved digestion and well being

Easier weight management

Healthier skin and coat

Smaller, less stinky poos!

Reduced allergy and intolerances

Happier, more contented pet!

Food that makes your furry friend SPIN-AROUND happy :)

All Raw Dog Food

All Raw Dog Food

Treats for Dogs - Tasty Liver Jerky

Healthy Treats for Dogs

Cat Extras Healthy Fish Super Sprinkles

Healthy Treats for Cats

All Raw Cat Food

All Raw Cat Food

Your pet deserves the best!

Our food is a Biologically Appropriate Raw Food diet (shortened to ‘BARF' - yes, we had a little smile when we first read this) and specifically created with foods pets have evolved to eat. Fully balanced and vet approved. Each mouthful is packed with essential healthy vitamins, minerals and natural oils they need for optimum health and wellbeing

Our naturally balanced recipes have been fine-tuned by vet and nutritional consultant Dr Charlotte Gray MA VetMB (cantab) MRCVS go the latest FEDIAF nutritional guidelines.

All of our recipes are free from artificial colours, preservatives and flavourings. They do not contain any fillers.

Naturally nutritious food, which makes for happier, healthier pets

Shockingly, over 50% of dogs in the UK are obese or have diabetes.

As with humans, obesity and illness can be attributed to diet. 

We love our dogs and care about their health and happiness

What if dogs could eat a delicious diet that fulfils their natural instincts?

Well, they CAN! And it's...