How To Feed Raw Dog Food When Travelling ⛺️✈️🏖

How To Feed Raw Dog Food When Travelling ⛺️✈️🏖

How To Feed Raw Dog Food When Travelling ⛺️✈️🏖

Passport packed and sun cream at the ready? Or perhaps every inch of your car is packed with staycation essentials? Our furry friends make the perfect companion when travelling. In fact, we bet most of you would rather travel with your four-legged friend than with another human, but we know that’s not always possible *wink wink*. 

We know a raw diet can make travelling tricky, so here are our tips on how to feed raw dog food when travelling.

We understand that feeding your dog a raw diet while on the go makes things a bit more complicated so here’s our top tips for a happy hound whilst on holiday.

On the road with your furry friend?

Maintaining a healthy diet for your pampered pet is important even on vacation (although you may personally prefer to indulge):

  • Begin by packing your food straight from the freezer into a cool box with ice packs, packed tight! And if you are going on a longer trip, make sure to buy ice along the way to keep your cooler chilled
  • Calculate how much food you need per day and pack a little extra just in case you get caught out. Lay out your food before packing, this will allow you to figure out how big your cool box needs to be
  • Did someone say TREATS? Only ever feed raw or air-dried treats such as our Liver Bites. But don’t over rely on these and feed as a maximum of 15% of its diet (5 a day max) as vital nutrients are needed from elsewhere for a balanced doggy diet
  • If on a long weekend you can put your dog’s food in the hotel fridge. Our food will keep for two to three days after being dethawed. Or, if you are renting a house, ask in advance about freezer space!
  • If caught between a rock and a hard place (like your dog’s toy no doubt!) feed a freeze-dried food such as Orijen which contains fewer fillers. Although pricey, it will wreak less havoc on your dog’s digestive system than nasty dried alternatives

No puppy passport?

Being away from their puppy parents AND being in a new place can be change enough for your precious pup without a different diet. Do your best to find someone who can feed raw while you’re away, whether that’s a kennel or dog sitter. Here are some tips for an easy transition:

  • Leave them with a close friend or family member and make sure they are familiar with your daily routine of feeding raw. Not only is this an affordable option, but your dog will be with someone you trust (and who can give them lots of love)! Make it easy for them by portioning out their food into containers (easy to do with our delicious meatballs) so there’s no confusion
  • If you are planning on putting them into kennels, research, research, research! Not every kennel will feed raw. We would recommend finding one that is small and less commercial, they tend to be the most caring (and give the best belly rubs). Leaving your dog with a stranger can be a scary thought, so the more you know about the boarding facility beforehand, the more comfortable you will feel.
  • One of the easiest (but priciest) options, is to hire a professional dog sitter. Many dog sitters are comfortable feeding raw. Ask on forums and Facebook to see if there are any recommendations in your area.
  • If you are in a pickle and can’t find someone to feed raw, send at least 1 or 2 raw meals along with freeze-dried food to ease them in to the change in habit. And here’s a puppy pointer: warn your sitter so they know to expect a change in poo habits!

Gosh, all this talk of holidays has got me planning, but Poppy is giving me a look that says she’s quite content on her lounger at home!

Don’t forget to call our VIP (Very Important Paws team) for further advice on feeding while traveling.

Bon Voyage and a big WOOF!

Much love,

Dylan and Poppy x