Type: Puppy Power


When you want to give your puppies the best start in life at 3-5 weeks old, feed our PUPPY POWER Weaning Paste

Handmade in the heart of Wiltshire using 100% raw chicken carcasses, this paste is super easy to feed and is the best supplement for a mother’s milk

No weird ingredients you don’t recognise, no chemical flavouring or fillers, no artificial additives – just raw dog food, freshly prepared and frozen for your convenience


100% Ground chicken with bone

Analysis percentage per 100g

60.9% Moisture
16.4% Protein
18.4% Total Fat
3.9% Ash (we don’t add ash! This is the residue left after burning the sample to make the analysis)
0% Fibre


How to feed:

Feed around 4-8% of your pup's body weight up to 4 times daily to introduce them to raw food. Switch to our PUPPY POWER Follow-On Paste once puppies are approaching full weaning.