PURRY POWER Free Range Chicken

Type: Purry Power

Great balls of power! For cats and kittens from 8 weeks

360g (12 x 30g)

Tabby’s Table PURRY POWER Organic Free Range Chicken - the first raw meatballs for cats. Made with free range organic chicken, ground bone, heart, offal and some tasty extras. 

These tasty no-smell meatballs are conveniently portioned for quick, easy, waste-free feeding. 

Fine-tuned by our vet to meet with the highest FEDIAF nutritional guidelines. All our recipes are complete and balanced using natural ingredients. In all our cat food we have added taurine, because the freezing and defrosting process can reduce the naturally occurring taurine (from heart, offal), an essential nutrient for cats

Serve at room temperature.

74% Organic Free Range Chicken (Mince, Heart, Chicken Thighs), 13% Grass Fed Beef (Mince, Liver, Kidney),  Crude Wheatgerm (source of Manganese and B Vitamins), Sustainably Sourced Wild Salmon Oil (a source of Vitamin D and healthy Cmega 3 fats), Organic Kelp Seaweed, Nutritional Yeast (source of Vitamin B1), Rosehips, Organic Wheatgrass, Organic Barley Grass, Celery, Vitamin E from Sunflower Oil. Nutritional Additives per kg: Taurine 1213mg

Analytical constituents per 100g

70% Moisture
15.3% Protein
11% Crude Fat
0.3% Crude Fibre
2.2% Crude Ash 
171 kcals/100g

Feeding Guide:

3kg cat | 3 meatballs
4kg cat | 4 meatballs
5kg cat | 4.5 meatballs
6kg cat | 5 meatballs