Type: Mighty Mince



Made with delicious, UK sourced fresh beef

Poppy’s Picnic MIGHTY MINCE BEEF - made with grass fed beef... and no bone!

By replacing the bone with powdered eggshell, a natural source of calcium, we created the first COOKABLE raw meals. These no-bone recipes are ideal for switching fussy dogs to raw, or for poorly dogs who temporarily need a cooked diet.

Complete and naturally balanced. All MIGHY MINCE recipes are enhanced with botanicals and fine-tuned by our vet to meet with the highest FEDIAF nutritional guidelines. 

Our great new pulp trays have a bio-laminate liner and are fully compostable or can be recycled with paper, reducing plastic use by over 90%

No weird ingredients you don’t recognise, no chemicals, flavourings, fillers or artificial additives – just raw dog food, freshly prepared and frozen for your convenience.


74% Grass Fed Beef (56% Beef Mince, 10% Beef Heart, 4% Beef Liver, 4% Beef Kidney), Fresh Vegetables (3% Sweet Potato, 3% Green Cabbage, 2% Carrots, 2% Parsnip, 1% Kale, 1% Swede, 1% Broccoli, 1% Cauliflower, 1% Pumpkin, Parsley), Organic Crude Wheatgerm, Sustainably Sourced Wild Salmon Oil (a source of Vitamin D and healthy Omega 3 fats), 0.9% Organic Pressed Flaxseed Oil, Organic Sunflower Oil, 0.09% Green Lipped Mussel Powder,  Crushed Eggshell, 0.6% Organic Kelp Seaweed, 0.5% Spirulina, 0.4% Organic Wheatgrass, 0.3% Turmeric, 0.27% Enhanced Herbs and Botanicals (0.04% Sesame Oil, 0.03% Ground Sunflower Seeds, 0.03% Celery Seeds, 0.02% Barley Grass Powder, 0.02% Fennel, 0.02% Hemp, 0.02% Milk Thistle, 0.02% Dandelion, 0.02% Chamomile, Echinacea, Nettles, 0.01% Elderberry, 0.01% Hawthorn Berries, 0.01% Rosehip Berries, Cleavers)

Analytical constituents per 100g

68.48% Moisture
14.8% Protein
12.0% Crude Fat
1.8% Crude Ash
0.8% Crude Fibre
0.2% Phosphorus
0.3% Calcium