RAWgust: How Poppy’s Picnic (and the BARF Diet) is Changing Lives

RAWgust: How Poppy’s Picnic (and the BARF Diet) is Changing Lives

RAWgust: How Poppy’s Picnic (and the BARF Diet) is Changing Lives

As RAWgust comes to a close, we wanted to end on a high note with even more reasons  for feeders to keep it real by keeping it raw. 

At the beginning of the month, we held a Facebook competition and asked Poppy’s Pals to share their transformation stories from before and after switching to a BARF (Biologically Approved Raw Food) diet with our award-winning raw dog food. Switching your dog’s diet to raw is one of the best decisions you could make for their health and well-being. View our range of raw dog food products here #ITSTIMETORAW 

Poppy’s Picnic raw feeder, Larissa Julie-Anne Thomas, shared how feeding her dog, Buzz Lightyear, a raw food diet helped cure his tummy upsets and improved his fur quality. She encourages others to try different ranges and proteins until you find the right fit for your dog. For Buzz Lightyear, his favourite is our free range Chicken Meatballs which are perfect for portion control and feeding smaller dogs. Larrissa says, “I love Poppy’s Picnic’s products, their food is always wonderful quality.” How happy does Buzz Lightyear look since starting his raw dog food journey? Looks like raw feeding took him to infinity and beyond!

Angiee Bryceland also shared photos of her dog, Manu, patiently waiting for his Poppy’s Picnic Hamper delivery and eager to tuck in! Manu has been raw fed from the get go and has experienced positive benefits from the vitamins and minerals in the natural ingredients. Angiee says, “I had done a lot of research into different companies and options, but Poppy’s Picnic definitely stood out the most. I’ve never been disappointed with them, always great service and quick delivery. Manu has thrived on a Poppy’s Picnic diet and everyone always comments on how shiny his coat is and how healthy he looks!”. 

Dogs are obligate carnivores and feeding them a diet that’s delicious and easy for them to digest means that your furry friend will enjoy mealtimes even more. Becca Ives shared how feeding her dog, Lady, a raw food diet improved her appetite. She says, “Lady is 16 weeks old and has just started her new diet of raw food from Poppy’s Picnic. I am already seeing a difference as she is eating all of her food now, which she never used to with kibble before. She is looking forward to trying the different flavours from the hamper we bought!”. We call that bowl lickin’ good!

Simant Gurung also shared how Poppy’s Picnic helped cure her dog’s fussy eating habits. Simant says, “Chyo is the pickiest eater ever. We recently switched him to raw and he loves it! He eats all his meals without fuss and looks forward to his meal times!”

A raw food diet can also help with better weight management, and will boost and maintain their energy levels, making for a calmer, happier dog. A great example would be Laura Middlemass and her dog, Diddy’s experience. Laura says, “Raw feeding has enabled Diddy to stabilise his weight so he’s healthy and lean as he has hemivertebrae. Thank you for making raw feeding a breeze and I know something would be really wrong if he turned his nose up during feeding time!” We are thrilled that Poppy’s Picnic has helped Diddy to thrive.

Pup parents who have a pack of doggies know that stabilising energy levels is very important in order to keep a sane and tidy household! Jemma Renwick shared with us how raw feeding helped to boost her adorable dogs. Jemma says, “After having these Golden Oldies off raw for a while, I decided to put them back on it and chose Poppy’s Picnic. The difference was amazing, they now have fresher breath, softer coat, less poos. It’s been a massive boost of life for my little old Jack pack!”

As you already know, we love POO! Well, dog poo that is. Dogs that are fed on kibble tend to produce large, soft and smelly poos - yeuch! After feeding a raw food diet, you will soon notice your dog’s poos becoming less smelly, smaller and harder. That’s why we call them ‘Pick-Upable-Poos’! Susie Jackson says her family enjoys feeding their dog, Hugo, a raw diet because there is so much less poo to pick up. We couldn’t agree more! And how perfect does he look in his Poppy’s Picnic bow tie?

Georgia Amy Cook shared how she changed her dog, Sock’s, diet to raw food, saying, “When we adopted Sock he had been eating a brand of food without any goodness or nutritional value, luckily he was only 7 months so when we brought him into our family, he was put straight onto Poppy’s Picnic. We’re happy we got to give him a better start still fairly early on. He is thriving on his raw food and we will continue to give him the very best.” 

Our dogs truly deserve the healthiest diet there is and it’s never too early or too late to try raw feeding. We’ve made it easy for feeders to introduce raw with our easy-to-feed products, whether you want a complete switch or to add an occasional boost of freshness to the bowl with our unique Poppy’s Picnic Meatballs. Regardless of how you choose to feed raw, we believe it is never too early or too late to introduce your dog to a raw food diet.

Thank you to all Poppy’s Pals who took part in the competition and shared your raw feeding journeys with us. If you've got a story to share about Poppy's Picnic has made a difference to your dog, please do continue to share with us via social media. 

If you have any further questions on giving raw a go, don’t hesitate to call our VIP (Very Important Paws) team on 01380 716 599 or email woof@poppyspicnic.co.uk.

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