How To Protect Your Dog In Winter: Tips To Survive The Cold

How To Protect Your Dog In Winter: Tips To Survive The Cold

How To Protect Your Dog In Winter: Tips To Survive The Cold

Brrrr – it's chilly outside! Discover how to protect your dog in winter with our guide to surviving the cold weather. 

Does your dog spend a lot of time outdoors? Does your dog enjoy walkies no matter how chilly it is? When it comes to spending time outside in this cold weather, it is important to consider some safety tips to make sure your dog stays happy and comfortable throughout the season ❄


It is always important to think about how much the temperature has dropped before taking your dog outside for walkies, especially if there’s snow and ice – as they can take a toll on your dog’s soft paws. If your dog starts to limp when they walk, check for ice in between their toes. For cracked or red paw pads, use a natural moisturiser to soothe them. After applying, make sure you keep them distracted with a puzzle feeder or bone to chew on so it stops them licking it off immediately.

Why not buy some booties to protect your dog’s paws from the cold and ice as this will prevent cracked and injured pads, but make sure they fit well so they can still enjoy exploring outdoors!


Although our doggies have a fur-coat, they can still be affected by the cold. Dogs with really thick fur would probably not need an extra layer of clothes when they go for walkies, but smaller breeds and those with short hair may be more snugged and comfortable in a cozy sweater or coat.

It’s important to monitor how your dog is while being outside – if it is too cold for you being in a winter coat to stand outside, then it’s definitely too cold for your dog too!


Car exhausts poses a threat to dogs during all seasons but it may do so more in the winter. From carbon monoxide poisoning to dogs cuddling up near the exhaust for warmth, it is best to check if your pooch may be resting under your car when it’s running idle, and to never leave a car running in a closed garage space.


Another big winter danger is your car’s antifreeze, which should could be extremely dangerous to your dog. Antifreeze can taste sweet to your furry friend but it can cause many health issues if they swallow it. Clean up any spills immediately and keep containers of the chemical out of your dog’s reach at all times.

Rock salt and ice melt can cause serious damage to your dog if ingested, such as severe hydration and irritation to the stomach lining. They can also irritate and dry out the pads on your dog’s paws, causing them to crack which can be very painful.


When it’s time to go, it’s time to go! Make poo time easier for your dogs by shovelling a patch of grass outside so they have a spot to go to right away and not spend too long outside. If there are areas with more protection from the chilly wind, ice or snow, encourage your dogs to go there instead.

Why not give them some of Poppy’s Picnic tasty Dried Liver Bites to reinforce the good behaviour and discourage any accidents inside?

Winter brings with it a world of festive fun but it is also time to be alert for the sake of our four-legged friends. No dog deserves to fall victim to one of the cold’s many dangers so we hope this will bring a bit more awareness and preparation to survive this cold weather.

Be safe this winter and have an amazing howliday with your loved ones! 🐶

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