Poppy's Picnic new FEDIAF balanced ranges and compostable packaging

Poppy's Picnic new FEDIAF balanced ranges and compostable packaging

Poppy's Picnic new FEDIAF balanced ranges and compostable packaging

We would be wagging our tails with excitement, if only we had them, as we talk about our wonderful raw dog and cat food ranges - and eco-friendly packaging!

All of our recipes are FEDIAF balanced, using only natural ingredients and created by nutritional consultant Dr Charlotte Gray MA VetMB (cantab) MRCVS

Our new Mince and Meatballs sleeves will now create a rainbow in your freezer. And now the different products are colour-coordinated by protein, such as grass fed Beef (red), free range Chicken (yellow), grass fed Lamb (green) and so on, just like you see in the supermarket. All of this making it easier for you to find what you need, quickly and easily. 

We are also now using eco-friendly trays that we have been working on behind the scenes for loooooooooonnng time. These new trays are made out of pulp - the same kind of thing that egg boxes are made out of. They are lined with a very clever bio-laminate lining, which is essentially a sprayed on coating of vegetable matter. It creates a seal which looks for all the world like plastic, but isn't. So the tray is fully compostable, but can equally well be recycled.

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These new trays save plastic use by over 90%, which is amazing! Because this tray currently only comes in one format, with no dividers, we have decided to use the pulp trays to our Mince products straightaway while we continue to work hard on the best recyclable option for our Meatballs. 

All the cardboard and most of the plastic we use for our packaging are made from recycled material. 

Poppy’s Picnic aims to ensure our environmental footprint remains as small as possible. This is the utmost importance to us and will continue to find packaging that works for all our frozen products and for our customers

Can you recycle our packaging? 

All the packaging used in the Mince ranges is recyclable except the thin film of plastic that seals the packs. It’s not yet possible to get a recyclable or compostable film that will seal properly. This is still a real bug-bear of ours but we have the same issue here as everyone producing food packs of this kind. Our DEFRA license specifies that we must pack our food in leak-proof and fully sealed containers. We are in touch with packaging companies who are working on compostable film and as soon as it’s available we will make the switch.

The plastic trays used in the Meatball range are also fully recyclable, but yet not across the whole of the UK.

The polystyrene in the insulated boxes is recyclable via larger recycling depots.

You can also return our packaging and receive a free pack of our tasty SUPER sprinkles. Find out more here.   

What are the sizes of our Mince and Meatballs packs?

Our 450g mince packs are a very similar size and shape to a supermarket ready meal. Our meatballs come in 360g packs (12x 30g). To help you work out how much you can fit in your freezer, our pack sizes are:

Mince 37mm height x 155mm width x 190mm length

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