Poppy on ITV's This Morning

Poppy on ITV's This Morning

Poppy on ITV's This Morning


As you all may have heard through the grapevine (and you can watch our episode above), Poppy and I took the leap and went ahead with this crazy idea (one of my more nutter moments definitely…) and filmed an episode of Channel 4’s Couples Come Dine with Me. Our wonderful dinner party guests were fed dog food. I know - bonkers is an understatement! 

The food we prepared was completely safe and delicious for both humans and dogs to have. We wanted to highlight how dog food can be more than dried brown pallets day in and day out, that your dog’s bowl of food can be tasty and nutritious at the same time. Yes, our dogs deserve better! The three-course menu we created include a Golden Bone Broth, A Walk in the Park Tabbouleh and Canine-friendly Koftas. 

Like any other show with humans eating dog food would (oh wait… we were the first to do this!), it caused a fuss when the episode finally aired in January. The day after, Poppy was not only featured across national and local news, but we also received an unexpected but very pleasant call. Poppy was invited to shoot a segment on ITV's This Morning with hosts Eamonn Holmes and Ruth Langsford. We couldn’t believe it! It just made us realise what we did was a bit mad, but really succeeded in emphasising how raw dog food is the healthiest option for our best friends.

Poppy was completely in her element from the minute we arrived at the ITV building until we said our goodbyes. Once again Poppy was making friends in the green room and even got a cuddle from the lovely James Morrison. What a flirt! We’ll let you decide whether we’re talking about Poppy or James..! 

Shooting the segment was beyond nerve-wrecking - did we mention it was live? I had knots in my stomach thinking that anything could go wrong at any point... but Poppy was as brave as ever in her gingham bowtie and with a fresh haircut! One thing about Poppy is that she’s always ready to tackle all the glam and action, and of course everyone was in awe of her. 

We brought our Golden Bone Broth prepared that morning itself (the same recipe we served our guests) for the hosts to try and we had four thumbs and paws up! Poppy of course licked the bowl clean but we had spoons ready for Eamonn and Ruth ;-) 

It was fantastic to be able to share the raw feeding message and show first hand how enjoyable a dog’s eating experience can be for them when they are served with a delicious meal packed with fresh vegetables and essential vitamins. Poppy did lap it up under 15 seconds on national TV! 

We’re proud to share the recipes we created for the show here. Why not try them yourselves and share your photos on our Facebook page? We’d love to see!

Much love,

Poppy and Dylan x