Remembrance Day: Tribute to the brave soldiers and their dogs

Remembrance Day is approaching and we remember so much that has gone before us and the loss of so many men and women who gave their lives to bring freedom and justice.

We want to use this moment to also pay tribute to these brave dogs who fought alongside the soldiers in the war. Over 18,000 dogs - border collies, terriers, retrievers, lurchers, English sheepdogs and many more served with the brave soldiers where they carried messengers, sniffed out enemy soldiers and carried aid to the wounded. 

After the war ended, many of the soldiers wished to take their furry companions home and although it was difficult, the Blue Cross stepped in to bring back as many as it could.

Queenie was one of those dogs. She arrived in Glasgow, January 1920 and here are the words from her new human carer:

“I was waiting for her at the station, and as soon as I could, I opened the box to have a look at her, thinking she would be stiff and cramped after coming so far in the box.

“But as soon as the box opened, she sprang out, and when she smelt me... well, I thought she would have gone mad.

“She could not seem to believe it was true and kept smelling and kissing us all over. I can assure you, ours was a happy house last night.” 


Rags arrived in Ledbury in October 1920 and was reunited again with her companion:

“Just a line to let you know that Rags arrived safely by the train yesterday.

“My friends have been telling me that she would not remember me after all these months but when she heard my voice on the platform she went almost frantic to get out of the box.”

Give your dogs an extra hug today.

Rest in peace - two legs and four.

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