Remembrance Day 2019

Remembrance Day 2019

Remembrance Day 2019

Remembrance Sunday 2019 has come around and as we give a moment to recognise all fallen soldiers that have served and fought for us, we must also not forget the furrier of the bunch.

Here is Poppy commemorating those that fought by wearing a Poppy flower with pride.

Dogs, along with other animals played a critical role in serving during the past wars and conflicts. Did you know that almost 7,000 dogs were brought into service from being a basic house pet, and helped frontline soldiers through some of the most dangerous missions. They were trained along with other four-legged animals who were either recruited from police forces or dog homes. These intelligent animals were capable of tracking enemies, detecting explosives, finding wounded soldiers and carrying messages. 

Overall, these dogs brought great victories, outshining the basic technologies meant for some of these specific jobs. For example, a canine in the end was faster and less discrete than other options such as people or tanks. They also were more accurate to detail and attention, being able to find wounded men and bring them supplies to help their injuries, along with a comforting paw to hold. 

These furry little creatures formed a bond with the rest of men and women who served and will forever be remembered. To further recognise our loyal furry friends, you can visit different memorials such as The Animals in War memorial located in London.

Much kindness,

Dylan and Poppy x

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