Tabby's Tale

Tabby's Table is named after a real cat called Tabby.

Tabby is our MD Louise’s cat. He started life feral… a wild stray living on the streets. He appeared in the back garden one day looking very skinny, scruffy and hardened to his rough life. As an untamed, neutered tom cat he was impossible to approach, but he would accept bowls of dry food left out at an acceptable distance from the house.

Louise’s daughter asked if she could call him Tabby - not particularly original, but hey, he was a street cat so it was given no further thought. One day he turned up for food with a horrible injury on his face. Louise contacted a local animal rescue charity and they brought round a special cage to trap him. A bit of roast chicken did the trick and within a few hours he was off in the van to the local vets. After some surgery, neutering and blood tests to check for diseases (all clear!) the vet called up and said the magic words “Can you give him a home?” and, of course, the answer was yes.

All Louise’s cats have been, and always will be, the waifs and strays of the world. And so Tabby (of course the name stuck) joined the family. Years on, and after some expert taming, he became a happy, settled cat who loves nothing more than basking his tummy in front of the fire or sitting out in the sun. 

Photo by: Charlotte  Rebecca  Photography

At first he was fed on everyday, processed food as back then Louise had never heard of raw feeding. When Dylan started feeding Poppy a raw diet, Louise tried to introduce her cats to it too. Tabby was the only one willing to give it a go. Having had a chequered past it was possible he was simply more used to eating a variety of foods than the stubbornly-processed fixated cats who’d only ever eaten food out of a tin or sachet. After months of trying and failing to switch all three cats to raw, Louise gave up.

Then a few years later, Louise got two kittens. And of course, from day one she fed them raw food. Interestingly, the two adult cats of the house - Tabby being one of them - picked it up straight away, not to be outdone by these two young upstarts. And so, success at last (although by accident rather than by design!) 

Tabby’s tale is a classic story of rags to riches. He is a cat who made the switch and now enjoys a happy, healthy raw-fed life. This is why he is the perfect inspiration for Tabby’s Table

Photo by: Charlotte  Rebecca  Photography