The benefits of a raw dog food delivery

The benefits of a raw dog food delivery

The benefits of a raw dog food delivery

Not only did the pandemic see a rise in subscription-led services, but also the convenience of making sure you have your favourite food has led to the dramatic rise in dog food subscriptions. Not having the time to go to the pet shop to pick up your dog’s favourite meals can be solved by having a subscription for their food. This is just one of the benefits of a raw dog food delivery. 

Have you ever gone to feed your pooch, opened the cupboard, fridge or freezer, and noticed there was hardly any food left? Panic sets in! Our four-legged friend is waiting for their food. They are used to their set meal times, and let's be frank, it’s one of their favourite times of the day. Jumping into the car and trying to buy something that works is not the answer – a dog food subscription will take away all of the hassle and stress! Deliveries are tailored to your dog and arrive regularly so you never have to worry.

What are the advantages of a raw dog food subscription?

Never forget to pick up dog food again: Having a subscription really does make life easier. We have designed our plans so you’ll never run out of raw dog food again. When you start a subscription your dog’s food is delivered directly to your door at times that suit their eating habits. Oh, the convenience! Small freezer? No problem! We’ll arrange for smaller, more frequent deliveries. Expect reduced stress levels as you don't have to remember to go out to pick up more food every week. What’s more, you’re guaranteeing that you’ll have your pet’s favourite proteins whilst the world still adjusts to demand and supply change issues.

Save time: A direct-to-door subscription also saves time, giving you more time to play, walk, cuddle and cwtch (little Welsh word there!) up to your pet. 

Take the guesswork out of feeding: When you choose a food from Poppy’s Picnic range, you are taking the guesswork out of nutrition too. We are one of the only fresh raw pet food companies to balance our food by FEDIAF, the European standard in great nutrition for your pets wellbeing. 

Tailored to fussy eaters and dietary requirements: What’s more, our subscription plans are tailored to your pet’s needs – perhaps they need to lose a little weight, or cannot eat certain proteins, need extra calories after a bout of illness, or have some allergies that need to be taken into consideration – a subscription puts your pet in charge of the food they require. 

Save money: Subscriptions are also a real money saver. When you factor in postage costs, the price per pack is lower than doing a small order online or from the shop. At Poppy’s Picnic we have many introductory deals, from money saving discounts to free SUPER SPRINKLES. Our Paws Support Customer Care will call you to see how you and your pet are getting on with their food, helping you along the way. We also fine tune your subscription so your dog is always getting exactly what they need for optimum health and enjoyment. 

Paws your subscription anytime: Pause, cancel or amend your subscription anytime.

We understand that a subscription may not be for everyone. You can buy our same great raw food without subscribing, click here. Just remember to set a reminder on your phone to order at the start of the week. 

Do your bit for the environment: We recommend making the largest order possible as extra parcels mean extra packaging – something we all want to avoid as we strive to be more eco-friendly. At Poppy’s Picnic we use recycled and recyclable material and our compostable trays reduce plastic use by 90%. We also have a packaging return service where you can return your packaging for PAW POINTS in exchange for tasty treats and food. 

If you have any questions about setting up a subscription, or would like to know more about how a raw diet can improve your dog’s life, drop us a line and we will help.

And one final thing… don’t forget those treats! We all love a treat, two legs or four. From SUPER SPRINKLES made from tasty fish skins, spirulina and wheatgrass, to CANINE CLEANERS that get into the deepest recesses of their teeth to help remove the plaque.

If you have any questions click the live chat button in the bottom right screen or send an email to Paws Support – we would love to help.


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