Why we use oyster powder in our Growing Up Mince

PUPPY POWER products provide you with a helping paw as you give your dog the best start in life from weaning, to development, and growing into adulthood. Our aim is to offer nutritious food that helps puppies get started on raw food by using a finely ground raw chicken and bone recipe that is easy on your puppy’s gut, which would result in biodegradable dog poo that is smaller, less frequent and less smelly, making clearing up a better experience.

Our PUPPY POWER Growing Up Mince is the latest addition to the range. This all new recipe is another first from us. Made from finely ground raw fed beef this Mince is the best start for your new puppy before moving on fully to adult dog food. You can feed it from 8 weeks onwards and as they grow bigger you can choose to introduce our adult food for variety.

Our Growing-Up mince contains Oyster Powder as this is an excellent form of bio-available zinc for puppies, which aids brain development, growth and supports the immune system. It also contributes to healthy skin and fur and good thyroid function.

As with all our raw dog food products, our recipes contain no weird ingredients, chemical flavouring or fillers – just raw dog food, freshly prepared and frozen for your convenience.