Why you should keep your dog away from rapeseed fields

Golden yellow fields have started to make an appearance again, as rapeseed tends to flower in late spring, due to all the heavy rain but warmer temperatures. Whilst lovely to look at and photograph, it’s important to note that Rapeseed flowers are toxic to dogs. Both flowers and foliage cause lesions and burns on the skin, eyes and paws in your dog come in contact with them and if ingested it can cause:

  • Breathing problems
  • Damage to the nervous system
  • Digestive issues and disorders 
  • Blindness 

If taking your dogs on a countryside walk it’s best to steer away from these bright fields and stay on safer walking routes instead. If you’re looking for somewhere where your four-legged friend can pose for photos, try daisy or lavender fields as an alternative as they are non toxic but just as pretty. * 

*If visiting a local flower field, double-check online beforehand for any visiting announcements and whether they are dog friendly!


A dog sits in a field surrounded by lavender

Remember, illnesses and accidents happen, but if we take these measures and precautions in advance we can certainly reduce the risk of these happening in the first place. If your dog or puppy is displaying any of the above signs, contact your vet immediately.

Here's to happy pups and wagging tails! x 

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