Woof Weddings: You may SNIFF the bride!

With the year of lockdown, we've seen a rush of couples desperately trying to find a date to tie the knot this summer. If you thought the Summer of Love was limited to humans, you’d be wrong.

We're excited to announce that Poppy's Picnic has teamed up with Feast It (UK's largest event planning company) to launch the UK’s first dog wedding planning service. 

Many of our wonderful customers and other pup parents have been expressing how lockdown and socially distanced walkies have forced many loved up pooches into long-distance relationships. Now there’s a timeline back to normality, and their dogs just want to tie the knot. So who are we to stop them?

In a survey we carried out with a few dogs, 100% of them barked enthusiastically when asked if they were looking to get married in 2021. So we thought - with over 12 million dogs in the UK, that’s a lot of doggy weddings over the coming years! Of course, we'll deny that the result had anything to do with the fact that we were holding multiple Poppy's Picnic TASTY TREATS while asking the question....

We believe as a nation of dog lovers, 'mutt-rimonials' is the obvious progression for our dogs, not just to celebrate the wonderful union of tails, but also to put a smile on the face of their two-legged guardians. From a sneaky bum sniff, to a leg up and a piddle over a pew, we will make sure that it is a magical day for all.

With services such as tennis ball bouquets, confetti made from edible SUPER SPRINKLES and premier grooming packages, Woof Weddings will be operating out of our HoundQuarters in Wiltshire. And of course, we'll be catering for ALL four-legged guests with our TASTY BROTH, Wild Boar POWER BALLS and Venison TASTY TREATS.