Tabby’s Table Raw Cat Food, by Poppy’s Picnic
Raw food for cats. Made by people who love cats

Tabby’s Table raw cat food is now available at Poppy’s Picnic, making it easy for people to feed fresh raw cat food. Our wholesome, natural, top-quality raw cat food is perfectly portioned for your purry friend.

As life-long cat fans we want to ensure all our four legged friends are equally happy and healthy. Our in-house cat people have been working away behind the scenes for years to develop raw cat food that will give your purry friend the purrfect balance of nutrients and flavour

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Complete and balanced raw cat food for a happy, healthy cat

Fresher breath

dental health

Healthy coat
with less shedding

Smaller, less
smelly poo

Easy weight management

Pick & Pack

Personalise your own hamper or order one of our popular combinations - the choice is yours (or ask your dog!)
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Is your dog an adult or puppy?

How much does your dog weigh?



Is your dog an adult or puppy?

How much does your dog weigh?



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Formulated to highest FEDIAF* nutritional guidelines by vet, Dr Charlotte Grey

Made with tasty, fresh, natural ingredients, including raw meat, bone and offal

Containing no preservatives, no filler and no additives (we add taurine to ensure your cat thrives)

All the quality, standards and customer service you have come to expect from Poppy’s Picnic, now for cats!

As experts in raw food, we are over the moon to launch Tabby’s Table raw cat food range. We’ve spent years perfecting our raw food for dogs but we didn’t want cats to miss out on all the wonderful benefits raw feeding can bring. The purrfect balance of nutrients and flavour. Remember, happy cat = happy life.”

Dylan Watkins, Founder


What is a raw cat diet?

A raw cat food diet is also referred to as Biologically Appropriate Raw Food (BARF). It involves eating raw food that contains meat, offal and bones, which is closest to what they would be eating in the wild.

What are the benefits of feeding raw cat food?

Cats are obligate carnivores. This means that they have to eat meat to survive. Once you switch your cat to a raw diet, which should contain over 90% meat, they will be getting the meat proteins they need in the most direct and natural way.

So what changes do owners see in their raw fed cats?

● Smaller, less smelly poo
● Softer, shinier fur
● Improves oral health
● Fresher breath
● More energy
● Easier weight management
● Healthy coat, less shedding, fewer hairballs
● Supports digestion and urinary health
● It can reduce a cat’s drive to hunt birds and small mammals
● Happier cat!

Can cats go on a raw food diet?

Yes, yes and yes! Proper nutrition is essential for keeping your cat healthy as an unbalanced diet can lead to health issues. Raw cat food is crafted to closely replicate what cats would eat if they could feed themselves - which they do when they hunt of course. We have worked with vet and nutritional consultant Dr Charlotte Grey to expertly formulate our fully FEDIAF* balanced, complete raw cat food so you can rest assured that Tabby’s Table is providing your cat with all the nutrients they need.

How do I start raw feeding my cat?

Switching your cat to raw feeding is a step-by-step process and is done by offering small bits of raw food first and building up to whole bowls. The switching process can take days or sometimes a few weeks. Although the occasional stubborn cat might take a lot longer, most cats will take to the new diet pretty quickly. Most importantly, be patient... you know what cats are like – and, most of all, you know what your own cat is like. Your full ‘How to Switch’ instructions will be emailed to you with your first order.

Where can I buy Tabby’s Table raw cat food?

Tabby’s Table raw cat food range is available to order as a subscription or from our shop

What is FEDIAF?

* FEDIAF is the European Pet Food Industry Federation. It was originally created to ensure that processed pet food was made to meet the nutritional needs of pets. FEDIAF guidelines are now a standard benchmark across all per food, for the nutrients, vitamins and mineral levels needed for animals to survive and thrive. Poppy’s Picnic is proud to say that all our raw cat food products are complete and balanced according to the FEDIAF standards and guidelines.

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