Dog poo chart aka the POO-OMETER)
Is your doggie's do-do healthy?

We know for ourselves that what we eat affects our health and toilet habits, but many don’t make the link between diet and doggy doo-doo. Every year, British dogs unnecessarily excrete 1.3 MILLION TONNES of poo. That's a poo mountain almost the size of Uluru! This is likely a result of many eating highly processed kibble.

To help the nation’s dog owners determine whether a dog’s digestive system is healthy, we've released a new downloadable dog poo chart (a.k.a.the Poo-ometer) showing what to look for when a dog does it’s business, and simple changes you can make to improve it.

So, why raw dog food? Dogs are carnivores with short digestive tracts and need a high meat content diet to thrive. Many highly processed pet foods contain as little as 4% meat and are bulked with grains and fillers that you and I can digest, but dogs can’t. When a dog is absorbing all the goodness they need from natural high protein food, their poo becomes smaller, firmer and odourless.

Check your dog's digestive system is healthy. To download the Poo-ometer, click here.

Help us make Britain's poo mountain smaller! Try your dog on Poppy's Picnic fresh raw food and see the difference!