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Naturally nutitious raw pet food.
The best way to feed your friend

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Complete and balanced raw pet food

We make it easier to feed your furry friend a nutritious and healthy raw diet, the way nature intended.

Our raw dog food, and now also raw cat food, is freshly prepared and frozen for freshness in the heart of rural Wiltshire.

Vet-formulated, each tasty recipe is made from a mix of fresh British meat, herbs, botanicals, heart, liver & kidney. Some of our meals contain bone, some are bone-free and can be cooked. The choice is yours!

  • ✓ No artificial additives
  • ✓ No preservatives
  • ✓ No fillers
  • ✓ No colourings

How our meal plan subscriptions work

  • STEP 1
    Tell us about your dog or cat

    We’ll ask a few quick question about your furry friend.

    Things like; their weight and age. Don’t worry if you have more than one, we can handle up to 12 at once!

    We make use of leftover meat that can’t...

  • STEP 2
    We create your meal plan

    • Perfect portion sizes for your pooch or moggy

    • Delivered frozen to your door

    • Delivered on a predictable schedule, so you never run out

    • Never more than you can fit in the freezer

  • STEP 3
    Serve a bowl of happiness

    You’ve just made breakfast and dinner a first class dining experience - we call this Poppylicious!

Happy Hounds

  • Bells
    "I’m blown away by the quality and would never think of changing Bells' food again. For a dog that has never eaten breakfast, she now sits in front of the fridge expectantly.
  • Teddy
    "Teddy is just 2, but he’s always been disinterested in food. We’ve tried everything but we struggled to get him to eat, and then we found Poppy’s Picnic's fresh dog food.
  • Rabbit & Badger
    "I tried a few suppliers and other fresh dog food in the UK and happened across Poppy’s Picnic. We haven’t looked back. Badger has always eaten well but it’s lovely seeing Rabbit eating.

Come Dine With Poppy

Poppy is the cheeky miniature schnauzer with a taste for delicious fresh dog food (and a love of the spotlight!) who inspired Poppy's Picnic

She's appeared on Dragons' Den, Come Dine With Me, This Morning with Eamonn and Ruth, and James Martin's Saturday Morning

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European Agricultural Fund for Rural Development: Europe investing in rural areas.
A project to purchase meat processing equipment for the production of dog and cat food