Our Ingredients

Good ingredients are one of the most important cornerstones of good health, this is why we care as your dog or cat - best friend - deserves the best.. be it for their mealstreats, or additional extras like our Tasty Bone Broth!


fresh, raw food
Handmade with love
Delivered to your door

Our Ingredients 

Naturally Balanced
Raw Food
Made With Love
Delivered To Your Door

We make our food with fresh raw meat, liver, kidney, garden vegetables, herbs, oils and botanicals 

Why? Because that’s what your pet needs to keep them in tip-top condition


No weird ingredients that you don’t recognise, no chemical flavourings , colours or preservatives – just nutritious food, freshly prepared and frozen for your convenience

We worked with vets, nutritionists, fourth-generation butchers and farmers to lovingly create our pet food recipes and ensure total and complete nutrition

Our quality meat comes from accredited farms, sourced locally where possible. We buy grass-fed beef and lamb, outdoor-reared pork, wild venison and boar. We also use free-range chicken, turkey and duck (or barn-raised when government restrictions on free ranging birds are in force).  All our meat is simply mixed with the other ingredients before being quickly frozen to retain its goodness.

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