*NEW* SUPER Sprinkles

  • *NEW* SUPER Sprinkles

*NEW* SUPER Sprinkles

100% Natural Air-Dried Treats


60g per pack

Make every meal special with Super Sprinkles!  Made from sustainably sourced whitefish skins, organic seaweed and parsley,  Super Sprinkles are a tasty, crunchy topping to add to your dog's meals. It's an ideal source of nutrients for your dog which acts as a natural tooth brush and helps improve skin and coat. The tasty flavours will get their taste buds singing!

Simply sprinkle on your dog's dinners to add an extra flavour and texture


Made with 100% natural whitefish skins, responsibly sourced organic hand-harvested Irish seaweed and parsley  

Analysis percentage per 100g

79.9% Protein
0.8% Fat
6.6% Crude Fibre
9.9% Ash
60 g per pack