What makes Poppy’s Picnic the best raw pet food brand? (If we say so ourselves!)

What makes Poppy’s Picnic the best raw pet food brand? (If we say so ourselves!)

What makes Poppy’s Picnic the best raw pet food brand? (If we say so ourselves!)

Not to fluff our own feathers (.... or fur?), we believe that we are among one of the best raw pet food brands in the UK. So what makes us so special?

We are passionate about the health and well being of our four-legged friends and we do our best to create the most complete and nutritious recipes and offer you the best products available. Nothing means more to us than wagging tails and clean empty bowls!

Here are some of the reasons why Poppy’s Picnic fresh and nutritious raw dog and cat food is the most natural choice for your dogs. We hope we get your paw-proval!

  • Naturally balanced & complete meals - no supplements
  • Convenience - making it easier for you to feed raw
  • Innovation! First cookable raw range, first meatballs, first naturally                            balanced raw cat food...
  • Locally sourced ingredients (wherever possible!)
  • Ethically raised meat including free range poultry, grass fed beef and lamb, outdoor reared pork, and wild venison and boar
  • Freshly prepared tasty meals
  • Award winning, delicious recipes

Innovation is an aspect we are also always big on because we strive to create a variety of ranges for all types of dogs. For example, we created the world’s first Puppy Follow-on Paste for puppies aged 3 to 8 weeks. Finely ground and freshly made with tender free range chicken, it is a super healthy and convenient recipe to feed growing pups. Other than that, to introduce a little boost of freshness to your dog’s diet, we created another world first, Poppy’s Picnic POWER BALLS meatballs which is super convenient, and easy to add to any bowl of food or feeding diddier dogs.

Since appearing on Dragons’ Den, Couples Come Dine with Me and This Morning, we have changed thousands of dogs’ lives with our award-winning fresh raw dog food. Not only are we proud to have created award-winning recipes, the business and customer service team have won awards too :)

All Poppy's Picnic raw cat and dog food recipes are complete and balanced to FEDIAF guideline. We use fresh, high quality ingredients that are suitable for human consumption and can be stored in your fridge for 4 days.