Bones For Dogs – Feeding Dogs Bones Safely

Bones For Dogs – Feeding Dogs Bones Safely

Bones For Dogs – Feeding Dogs Bones Safely

Some of the most common questions we receive from our customers or new raw feeders are about dog bones: Can dogs eat bones? What bones can dogs eat? Are bones safe for dogs?

Raw meaty bones should be an integral part of your dog’s raw food diet because they contain natural and rich nutrients such as Glucosamine and Chondroitin, the Omega essential fatty acids and calcium, phosphorus and bone building minerals such as magnesium, all in perfectly natural quantities. Just as how they would survive in the wild, the natural instincts of dogs would be to look out for raw bones too when eating their prey.

However, please do not feed cooked bones as they are low in moisture and can easily split or splinter, which can cause choking.  

Our RAW POWER Mince recipe contains fresh raw meat, ground up bones and dog-friendly vegetables. The ground up bones in our food allows them to be chewed and digested by your dogs. Our recipes provide your dog with healthy vitamins, minerals and natural oils they need to keep them healthy. It can also help them lose excess body fat and improve muscle tone.

If you are looking for recipes without bone, we also have our MIGHTY MINCE and POWER BALLS ranges which contain crushed eggshell powder as a calcium alternative. This also means that they can be cooked safely as they do not contain ground bone.

Benefits of feeding raw bones for dogs

  • Bones contain an amazing source of calcium phosphate and healthy fats which helps dogs to maintain a healthy skeletal structure.
  • We don't use weight bearing bones so our raw bones are safe to chew and are great for cleaning your dog's teeth naturally. They also add an extra texture for your dog to eat and explore so let them enjoy!
  • They also help improve your dog’s skin and coat, joint health and firmer, smaller and less odorous poos.

Please make sure to supervise your dogs when giving them raw bones to chew to ensure that they do not accidentally swallow the bone.

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