Dog Appreciation Day ❤️

Dog Appreciation Day ❤️

Dog Appreciation Day ❤️

Dog Appreciation Day should be every day! Gosh, I still remember the moment Poppy’s paws pattered into my life and it’s been wonderful ever since. Nothing can describe the joy and comfort I get from her every day – she truly is a man’s best friend. Now we are blessed to have her daughters, Katie and Slipper and newest arrival, Gaby, too.

Did you know that the story of a dog being a man’s best friend can be traced all the way back to 15,000 years ago, although the phrase itself was first used in 1798. I’m sure you’d all agree that our dogs truly are the most loyal and unselfish companions. They do so much for us mentally and physically by always sensing when we need them, offering a paw to hold and wagging their tail at the end of a hard day.

Dog Appreciation Day was founded by Colleen Paige in 2004, to show not only appreciation for our furry friends, but also to shine a light on dog abuse and the importance of providing rescue dogs a loving home. Today also honours the amazing service dogs who work hard to save lives – whether it be for their blind owners, the disabled, pulling victims from wreckages, or being on duty as police partners.

Here are some of the ways you can give back to dogs and show them how much we truly appreciate all that they do for us:

  • Make a donation of blankets, toys or even give as little as £5 pounds to an animal welfare organisation
  • Volunteer at your local shelter by cleaning cages, offering to walk a dog or finding any way to lend a helping hand
  • Invite all your friends over and have a puppy party
  • Give your dog a massage – did someone say ‘belly rub’?
  • Or, just simply snuggle your furry friend and give them lots of love and attention
  • This Dog Appreciation Day, we want to thank you for doing right by your dog by feeding them Poppy’s Picnic’s healthy and wholesome raw dog food. Keeping them fortified with nutritional goodness is the best thing you can do for them! With Poppy’s Picnic, you are promoting a happier and healthier life for your best friend.

So, use this day to spend time more time with your pup. We hope your Dog Appreciation Day is filled with love and sloppy kisses – I know mine will be!

Much kindness,

Dylan and Poppy x